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More than Half of Christians under 35-Years-Old Believe Christians Should Not Date Unbelievers, New Study Finds

  • Amanda Casanova

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  • 2019 Oct 04

A new study has found that about half of Christians under age 35 believe a Christian should not become romantically involved with an unbeliever.

According to the study from Teleios Research, 51 percent of those surveyed said a Christian should not date an unbeliever, Relevant Magazine reports.

“The love, devotion, and deference between a believing husband and wife reflects the loving relationship between Christ and His church. The primary goal of Christian marriage is to attract unbelievers to the gospel,” said Dr. William C. Stewart, who co-founded the research agency. “This is not possible by dating or marrying an unbeliever. Christians should marry Christians!”

The research seemed to agree, showing that 69 percent of participants said the primary biblical purpose of marriage is to show the relationship between Jesus and the church. Other reasons for marriage revealed in the survey said marriage is for love between a man and a woman (42 percent); producing children (14 percent) and populating the world (14 percent).

Also, along the lines of marriage, 74 percent said that marrying an unbeliever is not likely to fulfill God’s will in marriage.

On dating, 66 percent of respondents who dated an unbeliever said their relationship was somewhat to very negative, and 24 percent said their own faith fell during their relationship with an unbeliever.

However, the research found that their non-Christian companion’s faith did not improve during the relationship (40 percent), and only 5 percent said their partner became a Christian.

Teleios Research surveyed some 1,800 Christians under the age of 35 for the study. About 90 percent of respondents were unmarried. About 75 percent were female.

Other findings of the study said:

-       35 percent believe when one partner is not practicing their faith, the relationship does not demonstrate Christ and the church

-       30 percent believe a marriage to an unbeliever can fulfill God’s will and the more mature Christian can impact the non-Christian

-       Half of participant said they never dated an unbeliever.

Photo courtesy: Joao Silas/Unsplash