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Rick Perry's Faith Becomes Subject of Scrutiny

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  • 2011 Sep 16

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry talked about his Christian faith in a speech at Liberty University, a move that has brought him under scrutiny, such as in a Washington Post article that said he was "cloaking his candidacy in his Christianity." Perry spoke of pondering in his 20s his purpose in life and how he had finally turned to God when he had nowhere else to turn. "This is one of [Perry's] early attempts to say: 'This is who I am,'" said Michael Cromartie of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Others are questioning Perry's statements. William Martin, a professor at Rice University who studies religious conservatives, said he questioned Perry's healthcare and socioeconomic record: "I looked at his policies, and they didn't seem to be something that would flow from a heart full of Christian love, so I was thinking he had found religion conveniently. But as best I can tell, it seems to be a long-standing conviction of his."