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Give God 10 percent or 100 percent?

  • 2000 8 Feb
Give God 10 percent or 100 percent?

If your desire is building a solid financial future, God shares that desire for you. He wants you to take dominion over the state of your finances. Part of this process involves how you perceive yourself. Do you see yourself as a steward of another's resources? Or do you believe you have personal ownership over what is in your care?



  • God is the owner and you are the steward. By definition, a steward manages the resources and the estate of another individual. He uses the assets in ways which benefit the owner. Since God has declared His ownership of all your material and monetary items, your function is to manage the resources He guides into your life.


  • God owns it all. Some people think 10% is God's and 90% is theirs. Actually, 100% is God's. As God entrusts His resources to His people, they should return a portion to Him in the form of tithes and offerings. Another substantial portion will be spent meeting the needs of their family. The remaining portion should be set aside for investment for a future return.


  • God is the best financial advisor. He is positioned to advise you about your finances today, based on what He knows will happen ahead. God's communication comes both in the form of general principles from the Word, as well as specific instructions from His voice in your heart.


  • Stewardship is a three-fold cord: giving, managing, and increasing. All are needed for successful living. They work hand in hand, just as a three-fold cord is not quickly broken (Ecc. 4:12b). Excess in one will not compensate for lack in another. For instance, generous giving will not overcome gross mismanagement or poor work habits.


  • Be alert. You need to be sensitive in order to know how much should be given, how much should be spent on the family, and how much should be set aside for the purpose of increasing. The mix probably will vary according to the different seasons of your life.


  • Giving, managing, and increasing are all balanced in the mind of God.



    • Giving: Whether it is tithes, offerings, alms to the poor, or missionary gifts, giving is not because God needs the money. No one in heaven needs the almighty dollar. Rather, you should give because you love God.


    • Managing: Become an informed steward. You need to know how to make wise purchases and get value for God's money. Learn how to live within a simple budget to ensure that your outgo does not exceed your income. Take care of the things you already have.


    • Increasing: The goal is to invest God's resources for future returns. This should be done with prayerful consideration and planning.



From Foolproof Finances by David Mallonee. Copyright (c) 1995, 1998 by Concepts in Stewardship. Used by permission of Kingdom Publishing, Mansfield, Pa., 1-800-597-1123.

David Mallonee, after almost 10 years of pastoral ministry, founded Concepts in Stewardship, a teaching ministry designed to help retrain Christians in finances according to the Bible. He is also the author of the companion audio and video materials to this book. David, his wife, Nancy, and their two sons make their home in Rogersville, Mo.If your church or organization would like to host a financial seminar by Dr. Mallonee, you may write: Concepts in Stewardship, P.O. Box 207, Rogersville, MO 65742.Audio series available by calling 1-800-597-1123.