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10 Messages Every Church Should be Sending to Their Women

  • Janna Wright Contributing Writer
  • Published Jul 14, 2017
10 Messages Every Church Should be Sending to Their Women

I have a friend with a deep passion for God. This woman has dedicated her life to sharing Jesus, and her beautiful heart is evident in all she does. Hers is a true calling.

Once this lady spoke with a pastor about sharing her God story with his church. The pastor looked over this lady’s website, skimmed through her book, and told her, “I like your message. It’s much needed in the Christian world today! That’s why I’m praying for the ministry you and your husband have. I’d love to meet the two of you someday.”

Here’s the thing: This lady’s husband is not part of her ministry. Oh, he supports and encourages her, but God specifically called the woman to share God’s story in her unique way.

This true story reminded me that sometimes the church sends conflicting messages to women. It’s often inadvertent, but the messages can be discouraging or even confusing. While not all women are called to start a ministry, every woman needs to hear true messages—especially from the church—about who they are.

Here are 10 messages every church should be sending to their women:

1. You are loved—and liked—by God.

As a woman that God created, you are prized and cherished. This message of grace is a true one. You are adored. You are loved beyond measure. You are cared about deeply, delighted in, and treasured.

And on top of all that, God likes you too! He enjoys women and treasures them like a proud Father. That’s how God feels about His women. (Romans 8:31-39)

2. You have unique abilities and a distinct purpose designed by God.

God created you in His own image. You are a masterpiece, designed by the most skilled artisan the world has ever known. (Psalm 139:14)

When He created you, God chose specific talents, skills, and abilities for you. He had a specific purpose in mind for you and knew exactly who you needed to be to fulfill that purpose. No mistakes. No chipped “seconds.” You are a unique, on-purpose creation, designed to glorify God. (Ephesians 2:10)

3. Your voice matters.

You have opinions and ideas that are valuable. You’re worth listening to! And your input and creativity make a difference.

No matter where you’ve come from, who you’ve been, or what you’ve done, your story is valuable. And sharing your story—using your voice to honor God—is a beautiful thing.

4. We need your strengths.

The healthy church knows that God created male and female on purpose. God knew that the world—and churches and families and communities—would work best when both genders utilized their strengths.

The church needs women to be women—not doormats or nosy gossip or authority hogs—but the authentic, emotional, compassionate, strong beings that you are. As God designed.

5. You are valuable.

I have been to churches where the woman’s role was to sit quietly and let the men do the talking, deciding, and guiding. But sometimes this can send a harmful message.

You are not second class, less than, or inept because you’re not a man. There is more for you than to sit in quiet submission. You are valuable to God and to His church.

6. You are an indispensable part of the body of Christ.

Paul reminds us that every single believer has a unique place and function in the body of Christ. That means you too, women!

Maybe you don’t pastor or usher, but you are important to the body of believers. The strong church thanks its women and realizes that without you and your unique function in this body, we wouldn’t thrive nearly as well or be half as strong.

7. We support you.

Like the initial story of the pastor who seemed to prefer a woman to tag along with her husband’s ministry, sometimes the church can send an unsupportive message to women.

But women are uniquely called by God. Just think of Bible examples like Esther the queen, Deborah the judge, or Mary the mother of Jesus!

God gives women unique dreams and purpose in this world. And just as in Bible times, those purposes may not always look like society expects them to look. Today’s church needs to send the message loud and clear to its women: “When God calls you, we support you 100%.”

8. You are a delight, not a danger or an annoyance.

One church I know refused to allow the women to have any scheduled gatherings because they were afraid it would turn into a gossip fest.

While women are wise to guard against gossip, that church was sending a harmful message. Probably because of past experience or problems with a few women, the church was fearful of all women behaving unhealthily.

But women need to be treated as individuals, as a delight and not as petty annoyance or an afterthought.

9. You are cared about and loved as sisters in Christ.

Women are essential to creating strong community. You often have a knack for bringing people together, meeting needs, and loving on people well.

As such, you need to be cared for and loved on by the church. To be told often how much you are appreciated and cared about. To be treated as beloved sisters in Christ.

10. Any “not enough” is more than enough in Christ.

One of the biggest epidemics in Christianity today is the epidemic of “not enough.” With all of the pressures and expectations on women, many of you struggle with feelings of inadequacy or overwork.

The church needs to remind women that any “not enough” is more than enough in Christ. Jesus is your strength and help and the only One who can dispel the “not enoughs” for good. Because with Jesus you are always more than enough. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Janna Wright told her first story—something about kittens and lost mittens—at age two. As an author and speaker she still loves sharing stories, especially through her “biz-nistry,” Grace Thread, and her recent book, Grace Changes Everything. Janna adores deep talks, the Colorado mountain air outside her back door, and most of all, helping women of faith thrive in their God-given adventure stories.

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Publication date: July 14, 2017