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Changing Your Swing

  • Dr. David R. Mains
  • Published Apr 16, 2004
Changing Your Swing

Ball players have been known to break out of slumps simply by changing bats. They get one that’s a tad longer or an ounce lighter and “bang” they’re hitting over 300!


Sometimes ministers testify to more power in their preaching because they changed the translation they’re using.


“Don’t mess with the Bible I preach from!” you snap.


Okay, but what about the Bible you use when studying? Maybe a change from King James to NIV would give you fresh insights. Or shifting from RSV to the New Living Translation. Or watching a video like The Gospel of John.


Admittedly, with a well-loved Bible you can almost see in your mind where a given verse is on the page. To switch throws everything off and makes you feel like a new Christian who is a novice at finding anything in God’s Word. Actually, that could be a good point of identity with where many of your people are.


Refusing to change is all right if you’re listed among the league’s top ten hitters. If you’re clumped among the bottom ten, however, your job is in jeopardy, and you might want to think about making some adjustments.


Next time you visit a Christian bookstore at least check out a couple of your options. You might even want to sneak a peek in a mirror to see how a new translation looks in your favorite preaching stance!


The Good News Translation was the inspiration for the acclaimed film “The Gospel of John.” Help your parishioners bring Jesus into the home by providing insight into his story. Recount the miracles of Jesus, call on your congregation to practice his teachings, encourage them to talk about his life, ministry, death and resurrection. Recount the journey that Jesus took to reach his destination.

When Jesus walked the earth, he embraced the world.  Make it easy for yourself and your congregation by featuring the “The Gospel of John” movie, the only word for word motion picture of a complete and true Gospel.


In the National League, the pitcher has to be versatile.  He is called up to both be the pitcher and a batter. This requires the ability of wearing many hats.  By doing something as simple as switching versions of the Bible, think of the excitement that it will create within your congregation.


Dr. David Mains is Executive Director of Mainstay Ministries. He has effectively served in this position for over 23 years. He has written dozens of books on church related topics. In 1981 he began the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure concept that has now helped hundreds of thousands of participants experience life-changing spiritual growth.