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In Whatever State, Be Content (Part 3)

  • Lois Evans GPWN President
  • Published Jan 21, 2004
In Whatever State, Be Content (Part 3)

During our seminary years, when all Tony and I could feast on was ground beef, I developed several ways to cook what we affectionately called “seminary steaks.” The recipes I learned from our ground beef days, came in handy for the chicken age. They stretched my creativity and gave Tony something to look forward to when he came home from school. We did the best we could with “manna” the Lord provided for us at the time.

Did we get tired of seminary steak? Of course we did. But because we could look forward to the future, I produced innumerable sloppy joes, tons of meat loaf, and countless hamburgers, casseroles and meatballs. I even fried the stuff, when Tony needed a taste for fried food. Every time we had the chance to eat other meat, we took the opportunity and enjoyed it. Finally, as God opened doors for us to move to the next level, we moved on. For us, the “seminary steak” period was a time of contentment but not of complacency.

The more challenging our circumstances, the more difficult it is for us to be content. The children of Israel were restless during their hard trek across the wilderness, and their lack of contentment caused them to fall into sin. They complained that God was unfair to them; they “murmured” against the Lord, telling each other that He had forgotten them (Number 14:1-3, 20; cf 16:41; Deuteronomy 1:27). They created their own false god instead of worshiping the true God, who had already shown them His wonder-working power again and again. Lack of contentment can lead us into carnality.

Nowadays, we look back and marvel at what God’s grace has done, and we are thankful as we continue to look to the future for even more of His grace. In every season of our lives, where there is life there is always hope, no matter what the challenges. When God is in our dreams, our dreams can’t help but to come true. Meanwhile, take it from me; it pays to hang around people who encourage you to be thankful in the present even as you look to the future He has prepared.

For Such a Time as This,
Lois Evans

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