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Knight: Pro-Aborts & Gay Bishop Alliance Not Surprising

  • Jim Brown and Bill Fancher AgapePress
  • 2005 17 Apr
Knight: Pro-Aborts & Gay Bishop Alliance Not Surprising

April 17, 2005

Homosexual Episcopal bishop Vicki Gene Robinson was the keynote speaker at an "interfaith prayer breakfast" on Friday morning sponsored by the nation's largest abortion provider.  The New Hampshire bishop used the opportunity to praise Planned Parenthood for its efforts -- and to go on the attack against America.

The prayer breakfast is part of Planned Parenthood's annual conference, which is being held in Washington, DC.  Robinson, the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop, told the organization's staff and supporters they have reason to be proud of what they do.

"Long before the 'religious right' was objecting to abortions, Planned Parenthood was objecting to the violence against women when butchers were performing all the abortions here in America," Robinson said.  "Yours is amazing history -- and I hope you are as proud as you should be."

He also stated that America treats everyone wrong -- except straight white men.  "I am so grateful for this experience of being gay.  It has taught me so much," the bishop said.  "It's my little window into what it must be like to be a woman, to be a person in a wheelchair, to be a person of color."

Robinson said that is why homosexuals and abortion advocates must unite and fight to bring about what he calls a "holy change" in the nation.  The two movements, he said, will always be linked together as they battle to bring about that change.

Prior to the breakfast, Planned Parenthood chaplain Dr. Ignacio Castuera had described Robinson as an "inspiring religious leader and a compelling moral and ethical force in the struggle for reproductive rights, human rights, and sexual equality."  Robinson's work in the areas of mentoring and "healthy sexuality," he added, has "shaped generations of believers who share his progressive spiritual values."

Evidence of Close Alliance

Robert Knight is the director of the Culture and Family Institute, an arm of Concerned Women of America.  Knight says Robinson's speaking appearance is not surprising, considering the strong alliance that exists between the abortion and homosexual movements.

"A lot of people wonder why homosexuals would be interested in the abortion issue at all, but it really all comes together in one place," he explains, "and that is the challenge to God's plan for the family and for sex as exclusively something that brings a husband and a wife together and produces children. The abortion movement and the homosexual movement have long supported each other."

The CFI director notes that the former head of another pro-abortion group, the National Abortion Rights Action League, recently gave an award to former Vermont governor Howard Dean for his pro-homosexual activism.  Dean presided over that state's establishment of same-sex "civil unions" while he was governor.  Knight contends that Robinson's appearance at Planned Parenthood's function is just further evidence of the close alliance between the homosexual and abortion lobbies -- and of their hypocrisy.

"Bishop Robinson left his wife and two kids to get into the homosexual lifestyle," Knight explains.  "Now he lives with a male partner -- and he's calling people who are pro-life 'off the deep end.' This shows, really, the great divide between good and evil in the American church. Bishop Robinson is ignoring the Bible's clear teachings. He's promoting sodomy and abortion."

Knight believes "there will soon be a day of reckoning" for the Episcopal Church because of its elevation of Bishop Robinson.


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