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What are the Basic Requirements for Your Pastoral Internship?

  • Brian Croft Senior Pastor, Auburndale Baptist Church
  • 2014 5 Jun
What are the Basic Requirements for Your Pastoral Internship?

Auburndale Baptist Church

Pastoral Internship (no salary)

4 month period (8–10 hours weekly)



1)   Weekly one hour meeting with Brian

  • Book Discussion
  • Check-in on goals and project
  • Scriptural basis for pastoral ministry
  • Q and A

2)   Book Assignments

  • Visit the Sick
  • Prepare Them to Shepherd
  • Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals
  • Care for Widows
  • Gather God’s People
  • The Pastor’s Family
  • The Pastor’s Ministry

3)   Service Review

  • One-hour commitment
  • After Sunday evening service

4)   Monthly Pastor’s meetings (Sunday)

  • Pastor/staff lunch (12:00 p.m.–1:30 p.m.)
  • Pastor’s meeting (1:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m.)

5)   Prayer Guide

  • Follow for daily prayer time
  • Discipline of praying for members
  • Learn our system of soul care

6)   Attendance requirement (1x):

  • Hospital
  • Funeral
  • Widow’s home
  • Abortion clinic
  • Worship service planning
  • Deacon’s meeting

7)   Visitation Project

  • Regularly in member’s homes
  • Intentional agenda
  • Cultivate physical and spiritual care
  • Real ministry with real people

8)   Personal soul care goal

  • Address an area of the heart (fear of man, pride, inadequate, etc.)

9)   Family soul care goal

  • Address an area of intentional spiritual care for wife and children (prayer, Scripture reading, family worship, etc.)

10) Personal ministry growth goal

  • Address an area of giftedness, or lack thereof, to further develop.
  • An awareness of a personal quality, mannerism, or quirk that would have a negative effect on someone.

Brian Croft is Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church. To find out more, please visit Practical Shepherding.