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Embracing Change

  • Cinde Lucas Overflow Ministries
  • 2009 24 Jun
Embracing Change

If you're like me, change doesn't come easily for you. I tend to get comfortable with my routines and rarely deviate from them.  For instance, the first thing I like to do every morning is sit down with a cup of coffee and my Bible. I have found that my days go much better when I start with the Lord and heavy dose of caffeine! The problem arises when I find myself in a situation where I can't do either or both of these. Then I have to shift and adapt myself to the present situation. I'd love to tell you that I handle this with great peace and joy all of the time, but I'd be lying and then I'd have another character problem to attend to.

Sometimes God has to deliberately shake me up so that I don't get too comfortable with one particular way of approaching Him. He wants to stretch me so that He can reveal more of Himself to me so that I can trust Him more. So on those occasions when I find myself not getting to do things my old way, I try to see what new thing God is trying to show me. Maybe He wants me to sing to Him or just sit and be still. Maybe I need to hear the birds or feel the breeze. Maybe I need to be a blessing to someone and spend time listening to and/or helping them.

Let's face it, nothing, except God, remains the same. From time to time we all find ourselves in a place of change. Rather than resist or resent change, we need to learn to embrace it. God wants to lead us and guide us; He wants us to grow up so that He can show us more of His truth; He wants us to lean on and rely on Him; and He wants us to know Him more today than we did yesterday. In order for this to take place we must be willing to let go of everything that lies behind us and that includes our old ways and routines. We must allow the Holy Spirit to shake us up and open our eyes to what lies ahead so that we can take hold of God's plans for us.

God has given us the Gift of His Spirit to help us embrace and come through the changes that we all encounter. We don't have to face the future and change through the eyes of fear. If we walk in faith and trust in God, He will stick closer than a brother to us. He is our shield and our defense and under the shelter of His wings we can stay in peace during times of change.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Thank You that in times of shifting and change, You remain the same. Thank you that your compassion never fails and that Your mercy is new every morning. Teach me to walk hand in hand with You every moment of every day. Empower me with Your Spirit to let go of the old ways that try to hinder the changes You want to bring into my life. I want to know You more so I can trust You more. In Jesus Name, Amen

Cinde Lucas is an ordinary person, who happens to LOVE to encourage and motivate people! She has a passion to share the Love of God with people and to let them know that God is GOOD and He has an AWESOME plan for their lives! Cinde truly desires to lead people into a closer relationship with God through music; her prayer is that the ministry we share will uplift and encourage people to be all that God created them to be. VisitOverflow Ministries at

Original publication date: June 24, 2009