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Spring Fever!

  • Cinde Lucas Overflow Ministries
  • Published Apr 13, 2011
Spring Fever!

Don't be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the total renewing of your mind.
~Romans 12:2

Wow, I can't believe that April is here already! It seems like I just took my Christmas tree down a few days ago! I can always tell when spring has sprung when I see butterflies! They seem to appear out of nowhere to announce the beginning of a new season and new life. 

Butterflies are amazing creatures. They start out as "worms" and then become something totally different!  Maybe that's why they are one of the first signs of spring to remind us that God is not just transforming the gray world of winter that we have seen for months, but He is at work inside our hearts to bring transformation to our own lives. 

Just like a butterfly is transformed completely in the hiddenness of a cocoon, so our lives are transformed in and through the hiddenness of our spirit, which is where God's Spirit lives in us. Little by little He shines the light of His truth, love and grace into our heart, mind and soul reshaping the way we think, act, and live. That's the reason that people view Christians as hypocrites at times; they don't understand that we are in-process, and that process can take years and isn't always pretty. That's also the reason we need to be slow to judge others because eye has not seen what they are yet to become!

Another remarkably feature of a butterfly is their wings. Read what I found from Wikipedia:

Butterflies are characterized by their scale-covered wings. The coloration of butterfly wings is created by minute scales. These scales are pigmented with melanins that give them blacks and browns, but blues, greens, reds and iridescence are usually created not by pigments but the microstructure of the scales. This structural coloration is the result of coherent scattering of light by the photonic crystal nature of the scales. The scales cling somewhat loosely to the wing and come off easily without harming the butterfly. In other words, the "colors" we see on a butterfly are actually refractions of light waves that their scales are producing!

That is amazing!

Jesus said in Matthew 5:14 that we are the light of the world. And just like a butterfly reflects the light around it, we are reflectors of God's light in us. So as you are enjoying the beauty of the season called Spring, remember that God is also at work making all things new in your life and in the lives of those around you. Your life is a reflection of God's light in you, so shine brightly that all the world will know Jesus makes all things new, in His time!

Prayer: Dear Lord thank You for giving Your Son Jesus to die for my sins. Thank You for allowing me to receive forgiveness so that I can become a reflector of Your light. Help me to remember that, just like You are making all things new in me, You are also at work in and through others around me.
In Jesus' Name, Amen

Cinde Lucas is an ordinary person, who happens to LOVE to encourage and motivate people! She has a passion to share the Love of God with people and to let them know that God is GOOD and He has an AWESOME plan for their lives! Cinde truly desires to lead people into a closer relationship with God through music; her prayer is that the ministry we share will uplift and encourage people to be all that God created them to be. Visit Overflow Ministries

Publication date: April 13, 2011