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'Tis So Suite

  • J. Gary Walker Contributing Writer
  • Published Jan 31, 2005
'Tis So Suite

Integrity Film and Video, a new division of Integrity Media, has developed a groundbreaking line of resources built around thematic multimedia presentations. The product line, FILMUSIC Suites, allows the worshipper to both see and experience Christ through elements of film and music. FILMUSIC Suites are 12-minute worship experiences that feature epic biblical footage, scripture, and music built around a biblical theme. The Suites can be easily incorporated into worship services, using ensembles, choirs or praise teams.

The first FILMUSIC Suite, “The Story: A Christmas Suite,” released in late 2004 to rave reviews, and now Integrity Film and Video is rolling out three brand new releases: "The Rose: An Easter Suite"; "The Last Supper: A Communion Suite”; and "The Call: A Mission Suite." Each DVD features video footage from the epic Biblical film Matthew as well as music and scripture meant to complement a pastor’s sermon or enhance a worship service. Each DVD also features six audio options and the companion CD includes rehearsal and performance tracks for choirs, ensembles and praise teams. Octavos, orchestrations and praise band charts are also available.

We recently sat down with Dan Johnson, senior vice president and general manager of Integrity Film and Video, one of the key people behind the FILMUSIC Suites series. We asked Dan a few questions about how these revolutionary new products came about and what we can expect from Integrity Film and Video in the near future.

Tell us a little bit about the concept behind the FILMUSIC Suite series.

Johnson: Basically, the series is meant to enhance worship. It is specifically designed for music ministers and worship leaders to help them commemorate special occasions in their churches. Each suite includes scripture from the trusted NIV, film special effects and music built around a specific biblical moment. The unique thing about these suites is that instead of just hearing someone talk about these important events, you actually get to see and hear Jesus talk about them, thanks to the accompanying video footage from The Visual Bible. It’s meant for churches of all sizes, styles and denominations.

How do you envision the FILMUSIC Suites being used?

Johnson: The series is very versatile. It’s designed for use by choir, praise band or congregation and you’ve got everything you need: octavos, orchestrations, and praise band charts. Add to that the biblical film footage and you’ve got a high-tech production wrapped up in a twelve-minute multimedia worship experience. Our goal with the FILMUSIC Suites is to help make worship a life-changing event.

Let’s say I’m a music pastor who has never used multimedia in my worship services. How hard is it going to be for me to incorporate and use the FILMUSIC Suites effectively?

Johnson:Not hard at all. The FILMUSIC Suite series actually makes it easier on the music minister. When a special occasion arises—like a significant church event or maybe a pastor wants something to fit a particular topic like prayer, giving or thanksgiving—then we’ve done all the work for the music minister. Ordinarily, the minister would have to find the music, arrangements, and get permission to use the filmed components, which is the biggest challenge of all! With the FILMUSIC Suites, we’ve done all the work that the minister would have liked to have done, but might not have had the time or money. Having everything you need wrapped up in one product is the key to the series, really. It’s based on the premise that a twelve-minute worship experience can actually change a person’s life.

Tell us a little bit about the new suites.

Johnson: The music of “The Last Supper: A Communion Suite” is arranged by Russell Mauldin and David Hamilton and commemorates the last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. “The Rose: An Easter Suite” is arranged by John Coates and produced by IMS Productions and shows both the agony of Christ’s death and the glory of his resurrection. Finally, “The Call: A Mission Suite” celebrates the Great Commission to believers with the words of Christ. These are all emotionally charged and breathtaking pieces. And since you’re watching it happen, so to speak, it’s like you’re actually there.

What kind of production team worked on this project?

Johnson:We actually tapped people with three different types of expertise for these projects. First, Lynn Hodges, one of the most diverse and skilled church musicians in Nashville, served as our music producer. Second, we employed different production houses for the visual elements in order to provide a varied look to the series. Finally, our production team here in Nashville served as compositor and put it all together. The production value is phenomenal and the finished piece that you see is actually the result of the work of many people.

So what’s next from Integrity Film and Video?

Johnson:We are planning to release five more FILMUSIC Suites in 2005. Needless to say, we’re very excited about these projects. Does anyone have any ideas? Give us a call!

--J. Gary Walker