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4 Christian Poems to Inspire Believers

4 Christian Poems to Inspire Believers

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Christian poems are beautiful, and they often point us back to the key truths of Jesus, salvation, and heaven. If you are in need of inspiration, Christian poems are the place to start.

It is easy to become worn down and weary by the things of the world, which is why it is important we are replenished and given hope. Here are four Christian poems to inspire believers.

1. Holy Sonnets: Death, Be Not Proud by John Donne

One Christian poem to inspire us as believers is Holy Sonnets: Death, Be Not Proud by John Donne. This is a beautiful poem my sister introduced me to while she was taking a master’s degree class.

The entire poem is inspiring and helps us face death without fear. The final two lines of this poem reads, “One short sleep past, we wake eternally/And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.”

This poem inspires us because it points us back to Jesus and how He defeated death by His death, burial, and resurrection.

There is no reason for us to be afraid of death because the Lord has defeated it (Hebrews 2:14; 1 Corinthians 15:55). Death no longer has its hold on us because we have been set free through Jesus. It is because of Jesus that we no longer have to be afraid.

The moment we place faith in Jesus and accept Him as our Savior and Lord is the moment we no longer have to be afraid of death. We don’t have to be afraid like those who don’t believe in Jesus.

Those who don’t believe in Jesus may have a variety of different views when it comes to the afterlife, but none of them offer true hope. Only Jesus offers us true hope as He defeated death once and for all.

Another important part of this poem to point out is when Donne writes, “Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me” (Ibid.). As Donne writes, he is speaking the truth.

Death cannot kill us — because Jesus has already defeated death. No longer does death have power over us and no longer do we have to live in fear.

Holy Sonnets: Death, Be Not Proud by John Donne is a great Christian poem to reflect upon when you need some inspiration. It will help you not be as afraid of death, and it will also remind you of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

2. Eternal Life by Caleb Davis Bradlee

A second Christian poem to inspire believers is Eternal Life by Caleb Davis Bradlee. This poem inspires us because it causes us to look forward to our eternal life with the Lord.

Caleb David Bradlee writes, “Life again! yes, with God, the King, Who takes us from this earth/That he may greater blessings bring/At our eternal birth.”

As Bradlee says in this poem, we will have life again with the Lord. We will live for all eternity with the Lord in the New Heaven and New Earth. There will no longer be any pain, crying, or death in the New Heaven and New Earth (Revelation 21:4).

We can praise God because we have the sure promise of eternal life with Him. No matter how much life gets us down or stresses us out, we can reflect on this poem to help lift our spirits up and to inspire us.

None of us ever truly die because our souls are eternal. There is no reason to fear what is ahead or what life throws at us because we have eternal life in Christ.

Many of us think our abundant life in the Lord doesn’t start until we die, but it already starts from the moment we accept Jesus. From that time through all eternity, we can celebrate and praise Jesus’ Name.

3. Walk With God by Edgar Daniel Kramer

A third Christian poem to inspire believers is Walk With God by Edgar Daniel Kramer. This is a poem that I personally love because it is comforting and relatable.

Kramer writes, “When folks say that I walk alone, With pity in their eyes, I ever stand and stare at them /In wondering surprise, Because they are too blind to see/That in each breathing clod, In sun and ran in grass and trees, I ever walk with God.”

This is the entire poem, and I wanted to include it in order for you to see how Kramer conveys the truth that he doesn’t walk alone, and neither do we. Others might think we are alone externally, but God is always with us.

This is an important truth that can inspire us each day. No matter where we go or how far we travel, God is always walking with us. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or sunny, God is always with us. God is the inspiration of our lives, and He loves us dearly.

There might be times we feel alone, but God is always with us — even in the times we don’t “feel” Him. God is greater than our feelings, and He is with us always. Reflect on this truth when you are in need of inspiration and encouragement.

4. The Savior's Love by J. J. Thorne

A fourth Christian poem to inspire believers is The Savior's Love by J. J. Thorne. This poem details a beautiful description of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. The entire poem has the power to uplift our souls and inspire us.

In a section of the poem, Thorne writes, “He bore our burden, he paid our debt, And ascended to heaven above, To prepare a home for his children, To sing praise, peace and love.”

These words are a beautiful way to inspire us to live for Jesus. As Thorne details in his poem, Jesus bore our burdens, and He paid our debt. Jesus died on the cross for our sins in order for us to have salvation.

Thorne continues by including the truth that Jesus ascended to Heaven, and He prepares a home for His children. Since this is true, Thorne inspires us with the truth to sing with a heart of praise to our Savior.

The Savior's Love lives up to its name as it reminds us of Jesus’ great love for us. The love He has for us has no bounds, and He loves us unconditionally. This very truth can inspire us in our daily lives. It can also give us hope and reassurance of the love Jesus has for us.

Sadly, it is all too common that we grow indifferent to God’s love, or we see it as no different from what we hear every week at church.

It is at these times that we need to reach out to God and use the resources we have been entrusted with to help point us back to God as well as to fill our hearts with hope, encouragement, and inspiration.

When life tries to get you down, don’t let it. Instead, be intentional in drawing inspiration from many things, including Christian poems. These are only four Christian poems to inspire you, but there are many, many more Christian poems out there that can inspire you too.

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