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"Public Education Against America" a Revealing Probe

  • Rev. Austin Miles AgapePress
  • Published Mar 31, 2006
"Public Education Against America" a Revealing Probe

Title:  "Public Education Against America:  The Hidden Agenda"
Author:  Marlin Maddoux
Publisher:  Whitaker House

When conservative talk-show host Marlin Maddoux unexpectedly passed away during heart surgery on March 4, 2004, all of us, including his family, presumed that a book (that he told us he was working on) had not been completed and would never be published.

After his death, however, his sons went to clean out his office and discovered the manuscript of that book:  "Public Education Against America:  The Hidden Agenda" (Whitaker House, March 2006). Maddoux had managed to complete it, even during a time of difficulty due to poor health. And this powerful book, which has just been published, is his final legacy to every parent in America.

"Public Education Against America" is the most thorough, fully documented inside-look at the public school system yet to be published. Every parent in America should read this book to learn what the government schools are actually teaching their children.  It puts a spotlight on those "strangers" to whom we trust our children and grandchildren every day – and the reader will be shocked!

For the sake of your children, get this book and read it. Then do something about it! No responsible parent can do otherwise.  As the philosopher Immanuel Kant might say, this book will awaken America from its dogmatic slumber.

First of all, learn what these public schools do with your children in secret ... yes, in secret!  Children are told by those schools not to tell their parents what is being taught to them, such as the emphasis on homosexuality indoctrination. And you will see in this book how parents have been refused entry to these presentations that their children are required to attend. There are interviews with parents who have experienced this. The public schools refuse to let parents see the materials being used for "instruction." Why this secrecy? It's obvious.

Maddoux, who hosted the program "Point of View" beginning in 1972, once interviewed a woman who asked him to read, on the air, a page from her child's textbook. He had to stop a few lines down the page.  The text was so obscene and so vulgar that had he read it on the air, his radio network could have been fined for indecency by the FCC.

One chapter alone, titled "Public Education's Dirty Little Secret," should outrage you and spur you to take your children out of the public schools.

You will read about the presentation that Planned Parenthood gives at public schools, complete with pornographic films and having little girls practice placing a condom on little boys' fingers. Public schools are dedicated to reprogramming your children to their liking starting in kindergarten.

This reviewer is adamant that children should not be instructed about sexual matters, especially homosexuality, when they are in kindergarten. Children should be allowed to be children without this kind of pressure and responsibility that they are absolutely not ready for.

In "Public Education Against America," you will read how liberal, Marxist teachers are intent upon ripping from children any belief they have in God.  But what is most startling of all, these same teachers endorse and teach Islam – and not just as history or culture courses, as the government school system represents them to be.

A mandated three-week intensive course for all 7th-graders in the public school system requires students to pray to Allah, wear Muslim clothing, and take on a Muslim name.  It is not only indoctrination, but Islamic leaders have stated that there will be suicide bombers in America. And where will they come from? Figure it out.

Parents have been asleep at the wheel for too long, being overly busy working, commuting to and from work, then being literally entertained to death by questionable offerings from TV, movie theaters, and anything else that will dominate their attention.  They have been programmed to feel that the least of their priorities is checking on the schools they send their children to. After all, parents surmise, the schools are run by the government, there have always been schools, going to school is necessary, and those who run the public school system must know what they are doing.

You bet they do. The schools today spend a minimum of time on academics. That should be obvious. Instead of kids graduating with knowledge, grace, ethics and principles, they emerge robbed of their faith ... defiant ... unkempt ... rebellious ... and many of them cannot even read their diploma after they graduate.

But they know everything about sexual perversion, Islam, America as the evil nation and that there is no right or wrong. Their attitude is "Whatever is right in my own mind is right – and nobody should challenge that."

Your children are programmed in the public schools to gladly accept all lifestyles, no matter how repugnant they may be – all in the name of "tolerance."  At the same time, they are taught to have no tolerance for those who don't agree with deviant behavior or conduct. Marriage is out .. lust is in. Take what you want and move on. This is the current curriculum of the public schools.

The primary emphasis in the public schools of America is to recruit children at an early age into "alternative" lifestyles rather than in actually educating them – to turn them against God, against parents, and against America.  And if they are squeamish about something like homosexuality, then they are told they should try it in order to understand it.

These are the present re-education factories called the public schools, which have turned out the worst generation in our history – graduates without morals, ethics, or even decency. It is the "do your own thing" generation, no matter how many people are hurt and destroyed in the process.

In this his final book, Maddoux also gives insights into the philosophy of education and pertinent history of major educational influences such as socialist-humanist John Dewey, a professed atheist who praised Vladimir Lenin and determined to model American education after the godless, communist example of the former Soviet Union.  It is time to learn about this man whose influence is still evident in our public schools today. That chapter alone ("Dawn of the Post-Christian Era") is worth the price of the book.

Maddoux has interviewed all the experts who are on the front lines of this subject to positively document everything he has written in his book.  The book includes a list of resources to help you make a choice regarding your child's education. In my family, the kids are the first priority ... not convenience. What a difference in the children attending Christian schools and those in the public school system.

"Public Education Against America," with a foreword by well-known Christian author Tim LaHaye and a preface by Probe Ministries' Kerby Anderson (who took over as host of the "Point of View" radio broadcast), is well written, informative, and an easy read.

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