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The Cross & the Pen: 101 Most Powerful Prayers in the Bible

  • Eva Marie Everson Contributing Writer
  • Published Jan 13, 2004
The Cross & the Pen: 101 Most Powerful Prayers in the Bible
Welcome to "The Cross & the Pen,"'s author-to-author interview column! First as a believer and secondly as a Bible teacher, I relish any good books dealing with the Scriptures. That is why my heart leapt when I came across the book 101 Most Powerful Verses in the Bible by Steve and Lois Rabey (Warner Faith). I contacted the authors and asked for a little chitchat. Wanna listen in?

Eva: This is the second book in a series, is that correct? Tell me about the others.

Lois: Here is publication date info for the 4 "101" books: 101 Most Powerful Prayers in the Bible by Claire Cloninger (June 2003) 101 Most Powerful Promises in the Bible by Marcia Ford (October 2003). 101 Most Powerful Verses in the Bible by Steve and Lois Rabey and 101 Most Powerful Proverbs in the Bible by J. Stephen Lang (February 2004).

Eva: What would make a husband and wife decide to write a book together such as this?

Lois: We feel it is important in our fast-paced world to provide the reader with easy ways to access Scripture. The reader can pick this book up, turn to any entry and receive a kernel of biblical truth. Of course, the topic of "power" is one that can greatly help all believers more fully know God and live lives that are tapped into that power. So, the topic itself is appealing.

Eva: How did you divide the work? For example, some pages are obviously written by Lois and others are not so obvious ...

Lois: We very democratically split the work down the middle. I wrote 50 entries and Steve wrote 51. We began by each making a list of the verses we wanted to write about, and then checked for duplication. Duplicates were also split between us.

Eva: Well that was easy enough! What specifically brought your heart to write about the most powerful verses in the Bible?

As I mentioned in a previous question, the topic of biblical power intrigues us. So many people, including us, read and memorize Scripture but miss receiving the power that is available within its words. We hope that this book will clarify some of the ways that believers can access God's power in their lives.

Eva: After reading it, I believe it will, Lois. Okay, allow me the $600,000 question: what makes a verse powerful?

Lois: Well ... I guess my first response is to say that it is because it is contained in the canon of Scripture, which makes every verse powerful. Behind the words on the page is the inspiration of God Himself. That truth alone makes any other reason superfluous. I think, though, that most of us are so familiar with the Bible that we forget or take-for-granted that Divine inspiration is really a very big deal.

Eva: I couldn't agree with you more, Lois. How many verses are in the Bible?

Steve: My NIV/Accordance Bible software program says there are 31,202!

Eva: Gracious! I had read a little over 23,000. Either number and I'm impressed and even more impressed that you could choose only 101. How'd you do that?

Steve: That part was difficult. There are so many possibilities that we just had to go with many of our favorite verses that had meant something to us personally.

Eva: I've had to divide my favorite verse into O.T. and N.T. My favorite O.T. is found in Exodus 33 when God says to Moses, "When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by." In the N.T.: John 6: 67-68. Jesus has just delivered a difficult sermon and many have left His teachings. He turns to the Twelve and asks, "You do not want to leave too, do you?" Simon Peter answers with: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God." Steve, what is your favorite verse? Lois, yours?

Lois: So many verses leap into my mind but one of my favorite is Exodus 14:22 where we are told that the Israelites are on dry ground as they pass through the Red Sea. When I have been afraid or worried I remember this verse and imagine how the Israelites must have felt. But despite their fear, God had them walking on dry ground. That comforts me.

Steve: There are a number of verses that are my "favorites" on various subjects, but I think my overall favorite is Matthew 5:6: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." This brief promise from the Beatitudes portion of the Sermon on the Mount is so encouraging to me because it indicates that we don't have to worry about filling ourselves, for God will fill us. Also, the verse suggests that God will make things clear to those who really go after him, which is comforting.

Eva: Oh, I love those both, too. Steve and Lois, in closing would you offer a prayer to the Lord for our brothers and sisters who read His Word ... that the verses therein would penetrate, guide, and heal?

Steve and Lois: Father, we ask that you would take the words on the pages of this book and breathe life into them. Cause the readers to sense your presence in such a powerful way that their lives are changed for the better, that they know you are with them and for them. May all of Scripture transform all of us to be more like your Son.

Eva: Amen.

Award-winning national speaker, Eva Marie Everson is the author of Shadow of Dreams, Summon the Shadows and the recently released and highly anticipated Shadows of Light. She can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at