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3 Powerful Life Lessons from Heavenly Deposit

3 Powerful Life Lessons from <em>Heavenly Deposit</em>

Heavenly Deposit, available for home viewing on June 18, is perfect for your next cozy movie night. The story centers around Peter Ramos, who goes from atheist to someone who can’t stop sharing the Gospel, and his discovery of God’s love through life’s toughest storms. It’s entertaining, relatable, and will leave you encouraged to continue the path of your own walk with God.

The film opens with the source of Peter’s issues with God: losing his beloved father at a young age. He just couldn’t comprehend how God could do that to him. From that moment on, he decides to take matters into his own hands. But, in the midst of the 2009 market crash, a dry-spell as a struggling actor, and a serious rough patch with his wife, we see that his own hands aren’t able to take care of him—and yet how desperately God is still seeking him. Here are 3 powerful lessons that can be learned from this film, and why the movie is absolutely worth watching.

Pride hurts everyone

The central point of tension throughout the story is if Peter and his wife Ellie are going to be able to acquire enough money to keep their house. He is out of work, they are behind on payments, and then they find out that Ellie is pregnant. Things can’t get much worse…until they do. And Peter’s pride is no help at all.

Due to his self-reliance, you can see how Peter’s pride damages every aspect of his life. It hurts him because it makes him fearful and snappy. It hurts his relationships because he doesn’t want to take hand-outs from his friends or his mother, leaving him without much needed support at first. His relationship with his wife is also majorly damaged as he is so focused on himself and his problems that he neglects his wife completely. And it hurts God because he isn’t relying on him.

Instead of God punishing him for this, though, you see God graciously humbling him through these experiences enough to seek God’s and his family’s help.

The benefit of watching this play out on screen is a great reminder for your own life of the benefits and freedom of trusting in God instead of trusting in yourself.

Life is full of twists and turns

This movie is based on true events and is very believable. Because it is so detailed and realistic, it feels more like you’re sitting in your friend’s living room and listening to them open up about their hardships, rather than watching a movie. And Peter’s life, just like ours, is totally unpredictable. One minute he is walking into the right store at the right time and gets a job, the next minute his car is being towed.

As hard as he tries to control keeping his life together, it is made very obvious that it is totally out of his hands. The fate of his house, possessions, career and his wife’s relationship and wellbeing are all at different points of the movie up in the air. For better or for worse, this is a feeling everyone can relate to.

This movie is a wonderful illustration of life’s uncertainty, and yet how God uses it all to weave a story for the good of his people.

God is faithful

Even after Peter lost his father and stopped trusting in his faith, God never gave up on pursuing him. He gave Peter little hints of his presence and goodness all throughout the story. God worked through the persistent prayers of his wife and mother. He was gracious in humbling Peter because it was for his good. And then, he shows up in a huge way, just when Peter needed it most.

You get to see a living parable lived out in front of you. God will in fact let us suffer, because he knows that suffering is an opportunity to draw closer to him--which is of ultimate importance in the end. It is inspiration for anyone currently persevering through their own suffering because it shows the joy and freedom found on the other side of the desert.

Even with its apparent low production budget and somewhat hokey acting, Heavenly Deposit is entertaining, family-friendly, and will have you on the look-out for the amazing things God is doing in your own life.

Starring George Vincent and Kristina Denton, Heavenly Deposit is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Redbox On Demand, FandangoNow, Google Play, iTunes and Christian Cinema, and will soon be on DVD for purchase at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. It is unrated. You can check out the trailer here.