'What God Wants For Christmas' Darius Rucker Official Music Video - Staff Picks

 'What God Wants For Christmas' Darius Rucker Official Music Video - Staff Picks
  • 2021 14 Dec

“Old man playin' Santa clause, blew into town with old jack frost

Now he's handing out candy canes and smiles for free, people scurry with their list

Rushing around to buy those gifts that will end up wrapped up underneath that tree

I'm sitting at this red light looking at a manger scene, watching snowflakes kiss that baby

And it makes me think, I wonder what God wants for Christmas

Something that you can't find in a store, maybe peace on earth

No more empty seats in church might be what's on his wish list

I wonder what God wants for Christmas”

The music video shows Darius Rucker around the Christmas tree with his wife, Beth, and children Carolyn, Daniella, and Jack. The video also features some of the kids from the Children's Hospital at Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

“We wanted to just show – so many kids are sick with different things and it's just so sad, but you have great places like MUSC and St. Jude's that are helping these kids," Darius Rucker said. "We just wanted to show that there's other sides of Christmas other than you just being with your family and opening gifts and stuff like that. There's other things. There's other things going on in the world [during] Christmas, and we wanted to show just a little piece of that."

Darius also shared the story behind how this touching Christmas song came about.

"Frank Rogers and I had gotten with this guy named Steve Lesley years ago when we wrote 'Candy Cane Christmas' which is a secular, cool, great song that we loved," Darius shared. "And so we decided we were going to put that on the Christmas record, but we wanted to write a religious song too. And Monte Criswell had this great idea and this great thing he had come up with of 'What God Wants for Christmas.' He was like, 'Let's write this.' I was like, 'Cool. Let's write that.'"

He continued: "We sat down and the first thing I did was I Googled 'What God Wants for Christmas,' and I couldn't believe no one had ever written that. Of all the Christmas songs and all the ideas people have had no one had ever written 'I Wonder What God Wants for Christmas' and that was crazy to me. So, we sat down, and just the whole time was so inspirational I think for all of us. We were sitting there writing the song and it was coming. Every line somebody said was a line we used and it was a great line. We wanted to write one of those songs that years from now people are still listening to. We wanted to put God back in Christmas, and that's what we tried to do with that song."

What a wonderful song that really reminds us of the true reason for the season!

Source: GodTube

Credit: Darius Rucker

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