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Justin Bieber Sings "Reckless Love" by Bethel Music

Justin Bieber has dominated the Pop scene since 2009, having countless songs that have made the top charts. Becoming famous at a young age, he has faced a lot of pressure and backlash from the media over the years. He remained quiet about his faith until 2014, when he was baptized and started openly declaring his trust in God. Since then, he has spoken publicly about his struggles in life and how he has found freedom and salvation in Christ. With nearly 300 million followers on Instagram, Justin is being a light to those who enjoy his music. 

In this video from 2018, he sings "Reckless Love" on his Instagram story, originally written by Bethel Music songwriter Corey Asbury. Seeing such a well-known celebrity singing a Christian song stunned the world. The clip was shared on YouTube, where viewers commented:

"So proud of you Justin! Keep singing God’s praises! He is using you for the Kingdom!!"

"The fact that he picked that song to do is just amazing; that song can open your eyes to greater things."

"He could influence millions to God’s love."

Justin has shared the good news of Christ at many of his concerts, frequently covering Christian songs in between sets and having a cross in the background. He has also prayed in front of thousands of concert-goers, one time praying, "God, I pray right now for every fear, every insecurity, every bad thought we have about ourselves or someone else; we just release that right now in the name of Jesus. We thank you God that you are here. Thank you that you love us, thank you that you are for us, thank you that you are proud of us. We welcome your Spirit into this place. You told us that you'll never leave us, you'll never forsake us."

What an amazing testament to God's faithfulness! Justin has continued time and time again to boldly proclaim the gospel; we hope the words of this song encourage you today.

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Mat Hayward/Stringer

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