"On the Altar" UPPERROOM Acoustic Performance

"On the Altar" UPPERROOM Acoustic Performance
  • Updated Jan 26, 2023

“Here’s my life as a sacrifice, I’ll be the incense, the sweetest fragrance
Wholly Yours, consecrated for only You, Lord, just for You Lord
'Cause I’m Your temple, a dwelling place for You, Lord, make my heart a pleasing home for You
Oh, I will live on the altar, oh, You are worth what You asked for
If You’re searching for a heart as You’re reward then I am Yours”

What a beautiful and powerful song with many of the lyrics coming from Psalm 27. The song ‘On The Altar’ reminds us that we, as Christians, are meant to lay our lives down to the Lord and to each other.

Elyssa Smith, the singer in this music video, shared in an interview about how this new song got started.

“This song feels really special to me personally. I started writing it just at home, by myself, spending time with the Lord. I had been reading Matthew where it’s like, ‘if anyone wants to follow me, they need to deny themselves and pick up their cross.’ And I was really convicted and really challenged…am I still living this way? I don’t want to forget about surrender. And I think that’s something that I would say has been a theme for our house at Upperromm – to really lay our lives down and to minister to the Lord. Everything is His,” she said. “I want to be completely the Lord’s. Anything that He asks of me, I want to give Him.

A handful of people online shared their feelings about the song after listening to it.

“Elyssa is just singing from such a deep place of surrender, and it just hits me. You can sense the frankness and commitment of the heart,” one person wrote. “And I believe that's where the Lord ultimately wants to get us to -- a place of brokenness and utter surrender to His will. Thank you for such a soul-searching song! Bless you!”

“Praise God! I so needed to hear this today! Our God is an Awesome God!” another person commented.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the song ‘On The Altar’ today!

Photo credit: ©GodTube