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Talented Artists Sing 'Thank You Billy Graham'

Talented Artists Sing 'Thank You Billy Graham'
  • 2018 22 Feb
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On November 21, 2018 noted Evangelist Billy Graham passed away at the age 99. Billy Graham dedicated his life to crusading for Christ. He toured the world spreading the good news of the Gospel and encouraging others to trust the Lord with their everything. He preached the Gospel to nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories.

Throughout his life, he touched many lives from everyday people to prominent celebrities. Today, some of these people are remembering Reverend Billy Graham in the most amazing way. Just listen as Bono shares special stories about how his words truly changed his life. And the beautiful song from all of these talented artists is the perfect tribute to this amazing man.

I'm so glad that his legacy will live on through the hearts of millions around the world. I just know that there is the biggest welcome party in Heaven right now. Wouldn't that be an amazing sight to see?