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Baby Emotionally Reacts To Andrea Bocelli Singing To Elmo

Baby Emotionally Reacts To Andrea Bocelli Singing To Elmo
  • Published Apr 09, 2021

This overload of cuteness also shows us that one is never too young to be emotionally moved by music. Meet baby Abriel, who, according to the video description, loves classical music. We get to see is the baby’s face up close throughout the video, and watch his emotional highs/lows while he listens to the singing in the background. Abriel is all big, squishy smiles as he starts watching his favorite Muppet and listening to musical great Andrea Bocelli. His wide-eyed almost tearful expressions as he processes the music are so moving! The familiar voice of muppet character, Elmo, begins singing about not wanting to sleep. Andrea Bocelli begins to sing an echo to convince Elmo to do otherwise.

“Elmo isn’t sleepy, Elmo wants some water and another stooooory. Elmo’s eyes are open wide awake and Elmo doesn’t feel so snory”, sings the fuzzy, red monster. (Big chubby grins from Abriel)

“Time to say goodnight, lie down, here is your bed. You have had such a wonderful day, laying and counting to twenty. Singing songs and going to the park with your friends. So now won’t you give me a hug. It’s time to say goodnight.” Bocelli’s voice swells in response to Elmo and encourages the muppet to rest.

Almost instantly, baby Abriel’s facial expression switches to an emotional pouty-face with eyes welling up with tears ready to pour. When Elmo starts in again singing about how much he is refusing to sleep, again the baby’s face changes back to the wide grin, eyes full of joy. The emotional pull, back and forth, goes on and we find ourselves experiencing the same highs and lows along with the baby! You’ll want to watch the full video. What a wonderful sight to see such a young child being recognizable moved by music!

Source: Anna Feldman
Credit: Godtube