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Father-Daughter Dance Audition Earns Coveted Golden Buzzer

Father-Daughter Dance Audition Earns Coveted Golden Buzzer
  • Published Jun 01, 2021

With an old western backdrop, the father and daughter stand on stage with two cardboard cutouts of cowboy faces. These cutouts cover their own faces. They are positioned beside one another, some distance apart, dressed in black shirts and pants with yellow jackets. Unique to the daughter, she wears a bandana around her neck.

At the start of their performance, both put down their cardboard faces. They walk around some props toward the front of the stage. After engaging in some silent argumentative dialogue, tension erupts. They walk past one another and then the western duel music is cued. We’re suddenly about to watch a father-daughter showdown.

They make faces at each other and gestures with their hands and arms. Seeing the little girl stand up to her larger father is funny. She doesn’t back down either. The music continues for a bit and then shifts tempo. That’s when the girl breaks into dance.

She does some sliding and arm-gesturing before the father breaks into his own popping and locking. They take turns dancing to start, including when they both engage in the movement called tutting. Both are quite impressive on their own. But let’s not forget, this is a team dance.

Some dialogue plays over the music. Then the duo starts dancing in sync with one another. They mimic one another’s movements, and sometimes one does an action to which the other reacts. More surprising and visually beautiful, the digital western background starts moving too. The buildings bounce along with the beat and along with their dancing.

These energetic, bouncy, and fluid movements are some elements that comprise the dance form known as hip-hop.

Not only were the father and daughter immersed in their movement, but the audience quickly joined them. Clapping ensued, and not just clapping from the audience, but the judges too.

Though they were dancing together, their initial showdown must come to an end and goes along with their routine. The showdown ends with the daughter winning. She simulates shooting her father in a quickdraw much like an old western duel. He falls slowly to the ground in a dancerly fashion. After the movement, she goes over and playfully pretends to kick him. He gets up and they get their feedback from the judges including them pressing that coveted golden buzzer.

This routine is definitely something the audience enjoyed but will be something the father-daughter, Sadeck and Neylia, will be able to look back on one day and be glad they did with one another.

Credit: Godtube
Source: Got Talent Global