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'I'll Carry You Home' Trisha Yearwood Official Music Video

'I'll Carry You Home' Trisha Yearwood Official Music Video
  • Published Oct 14, 2020

“When you can’t walk and there’s chains ‘round your soul
The burden’s too heavy and you’ve run out of road
You’re praying out loud

As you stumble through the rain and snow
I’ll walk out and find you, I’ll carry you home”

Trish Yearwood is a powerhouse vocalist with a string of country music hits throughout the past three decades. She rose to fame with the iconic song "She's in Love with the Boy" and continued to find success in the music and cooking world. Now, she’s back to her roots with this heartfelt song, ‘I’ll Carry You Home.’

“When you can’t speak ‘cause the words are too strong
And every time that you try it just comes out all wrong
When your heart’s screaming out But no one can hear your song
Oh I’ll sing it for you, I’ll carry you home”

In the music video, we see old home movies from Trisha’s childhood. On Instagram, she wrote about the personal clips. “What I see when I look at this footage is just love, generations of love. These memories are still so fresh in mind. All of these people I see in the video, who have gone before, they are still with me. They’ll carry me home.”

As you listen to these words, remember that we always have a safe place in the arms of the Lord. Let His love cover you and guide you Home.

Credit: Godtube

Source: Trisha Yearwood