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Plus One-The Making of the Band: Part 2

  • 2001 29 Jan
Plus One-The Making of the Band: Part 2
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Matt: How much influence do you think you'll have in the making of the next album? Did you have a lot of influence in the first album?

Nate: We had more influence than we thought we would originally. When we first came together we thought we wouldn't have any say. We didn't have total say, but there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, everyone's got to agree on certain songs and ideas. I think we'll have more say just because we've done this for a year and a half now and kind of learned certain things in the business.

Jeremy: I think with any artist, when it's your first time recording an album or in the studio, I think it's wise to heed advice from producers who are older and wiser and have been recording for a longer time. That was one of the good things about our first album -- the fact that there were nine different producers, so they brought a lot of different influences, a lot of their different influences into our album. I definitely think that for our next album though, the experience that we gained from recording our first album and the experience that we've had in the studio since then, I think it's going to come through a lot more and we're going to feel a lot more free and a lot more involved.

Nate: Also, I think that we're going to be a lot more a part of the second album because we're all writing right now. We want to write half or the majority of our next album so more of the songs will come from our heart. Not that they didn't in the first album, because those songs spoke what we wanted to say, but it's different when you're writing, and it's your music and it's your songs that you're putting out. So we're all trying to develop that side of our talent.

Matt: How do you handle the crazed fans? I mean, six months ago, seven months ago, you guys were relatively unheard of and now, everywhere you go there is a crowd of people. How have you handled that transition?

Nathan: It's kind of weird. I was talking to Gabe, or somebody, the other day, about how it seems -- slowly on this tour I think -- I saw it evolve, like our audiences got bigger, and you don't really see it all the time. You know, the lights are dark, and the next thing you know, like a month later in the middle of your tour, you're like, "Whoa! There's a lot of people here!" And, it's like normal now, you know? And it's gradually happening. So I think we're starting to get used to it a little bit, but still it's crazy, because there's certain concerts that are crazier than others and more overwhelming, and you're like, "Wow! This is weird. Why are people acting like this?" Because we're just normal guys, you know?

Matt: Do you guys get along? Do you guys consider each other best friends now? I mean, how does that work?

Nate: Yeah, pretty much. When we started, you know, we were kind of thrown together, but we were thrown together in a one-bedroom apartment when we first started off. Kind of got us tight really fast. And, since then, we've continued to live together. We get along, I guess, surprisingly, better than most, even bands that we've heard. Like, we'll go into the studio, and when we're in the studio, every single producer was always so surprised about how we weren't in arguments the whole time and fighting with each other. And they said it was kind of refreshing actually, just because we were kind of able just to joke along with each other while joking around with producers and other people. And, I think as we go as a group, we go through things. As a group it is just going to make us more tight. And, we enjoy each other's company, so that is a plus.

Matt: Do you guys find time date, or kind of just develop any kind of relationship with the opposite sex?

Nate: It's kind of hard being on the road. You know, we have pretty much been on the road non-stop since about April. So, we've been home here in Nashville like a total of two weeks. So, it's been kind of tough to keep a steady, a girlfriend or a dating relationship. But, we all have friends that we talk to on the phone, and so that's good. And people that encourage us and that we're close to, but, you know, it is kind of hard to keep a committed relationship.

Matt: You guys talked earlier about the message. And, I want to ask, how do you guys keep the message of your music the most important factor, when the package, and I'm not saying this is a bad thing, that we're seeing is this perfect, sexy boy-band image kind of thing? And you guys probably may not feel that way, but that's the image that some people may look at you and get. How do you guys keep the message the focus?

Nate: I think a lot of prayer's been involved in this whole project from before the group started. The people who were putting it together's vision was a ministry focus vision. And, we were all just in our own hometowns with a ministry focus, doing what we were doing. So, when we came together, we knew that what we were doing was supposed to be for God's purpose. And, I think when people come out to the show that they'll see that in our hearts. And, hopefully, they won't make a judgment before they actually get to know who we are and what we're about. And, I guess that we just continue to strive for excellence, you know, because I think that's a godly thing. And, you know, even in our looks, or from whatever we do, everything that we want to do, we want to do it the best that we can. And then, when you come to the show, you'll see that during the time, you know, we share our hearts, it's not like we just sing the song, do our dance moves and then wait for people to cheer for us. I mean, there's times when we even quote Scripture and things like that from stage. So, I think people will understand and see the realness in our hearts.

Matt: Awesome! So, how successful have you guys been, because I know you're trying to get Last Flight Out on to pop radio. How successful have you guys been doing that?

Gabe: Well, as far as we released it, and it went up for ads, and, actually, it's been kind of slow right now in the secular market -- I think it was the timing, it was a bad time -- so we're going to re-release it in January with a whole new package and and, like, a whole new idea. So, hopefully, we'll get more airplay right now. But some radio stations are playing it right now, and we're getting some spins.

Jeremy: For the timing that they released it, actually it did kind of good, like Radio Disney picked it up and Zoo Disney. I mean I think it's been successful for the time of year, because everyone we've talked to has said, "You know, you don't even get ads at all really, if you're new artists. You know, you have to be a super star or you have to have a hit already.

Nate: And it's cool, too, in my hometown, the station picked it up and is really behind us. And they have a concert called the Jingle Ball during December, and we just actually got back from performing at it, and it was like Boys 2 Men, Brian McKnight, and a bunch of mainstream artists, so it was kind of fun to share a stage with people like that.

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