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Band's Electricity Nicely Packaged in "Mute Math"

  • Brenten Gilbert
  • 2007 22 Mar
Band's Electricity Nicely Packaged in "Mute Math"

Artist:  Mute Math
Title:  "Mute Math"
Label:  Teleprompt

When Paul addressed the church at Corinth in the letter we know as 1 Corinthians, there were a lot of problems and disputes threatening to tear the church body apart. One of the most interesting things that Paul says in his corrective remarks occurs in the third chapter, when he complains that the church members are acting "like mere men" by continually quarrelling. It's interesting because so like so many of us, it seems as though the Corinthian church had focused their efforts on living a normal life rather than setting their sights on walking with the extraordinary power and spiritual guidance that was now a part of their lives.

One group who has refused to settle for merely being a band, Mute Math has cut their teeth on the touring circuits with a jaw-dropping live show and a relentless schedule. In fact, the only buzz louder than the chatter about the legal activity going on behind the scenes and delaying the album's release was the clamor of fans who had seen the group in concert. When Mute Math released their self-titled effort almost two years to the day after Word Records released their teaser "EP (Reset)," the real question was how well that hype and energy would translate to disc. Part of that question was answered with the inclusion of a six-song live EP while the rest was satisfied with the stunning performances captured for the project.

The question earns a conclusive answer shortly after the album begins. Following a brief instrumental introduction that's been used for several promotional pieces (including Cornerstone Festival's online content), the energy is unleashed with a killer guitar riff and the fervent drum work of Darren King marking the start of "Typical," a decidedly atypical song by any standard, and ushering in one of the finest rock albums in recent years. Balancing creative experimentalism, artistic ingenuity and traditional rock elements with nearly flawless execution, Mute Math engages listeners with each track as the album unfolds. Tracks like "Chaos" and "Noticed" translate impeccably from stage to disc as Paul Meany's vocals shine through amidst the stunning musical landscape. Besides the new songs like "Stare at the Sun," "You Are Mine" and "Break the Same," the album also includes "Plan B," "Reset" and "Control," all of which were on the aforementioned EP.

With very little to complain about and nary a song that's not engaging, Mute Math's self-titled introduction to the world takes them immediately to the head of the class. Listeners will find a heavy dose of the electricity of the group's live show packaged nicely in 14 immersive tracks that provide a unique listening experience and enjoyment that is revitalized with each spin. Easily one of the most impressive releases of the past year and an album that refuses to wear thin.

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