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Big Daddy Weave: Playing for an Audience of One

  • 2002 14 May
Big Daddy Weave: Playing for an Audience of <I>One</I>

Album: One and Only
Artist: Big Daddy Weave
In a phrase: A great debut for a band whose sound is somewhat familiar, and at the same time a welcome surprise.
Scheduled Street Date: July 30, 2002

New Fervent Records artist Big Daddy Weave has hit the CCM scene with a splash!

If you think Big Daddy Weave's weird name means their music must be weird, you're wrong: They've been compared to the likes of Steven Curtis Chapman. So, why did they choose the name Big Daddy Weave? Well, the lead singer Mike Weaver is a big guy, so you get the picture.

Let's get to their track selection, shall we?

Their first single, In Christ, was an apt pick. It's typical adult contemporary pop but not necessarily the album's strongest song.

Friend Like You is a simple lyric that reminds me of the classic camp songs sung by kids across the United States. Maybe this song will find success among that demographic.

The title track is a heartfelt expression of love and adoration, another example of artists adding modern worship songs to their repertoire.

The album's best musical and lyrical offering is the exceptional Neighborhoods, which reminds us in a unique way of the hope of heaven, and that we're only here for a short while. When I say my last farewells / Don't forget to tell them / I'm not really dead / I'm just changing neighborhoods.

Audience of One expands the idea that worship leaders have tried to capture for years: No matter the crowd's size, we always have an audience of One.

The jazz influenced Never Goin' Back is a testament to the healing power of God's grace and mercy.

My final word . . .

Give BDW's One and Only a listen. It's new spin on modern worship and distinctive musical style will get your feet to tappin'.

Until Next Time . . .
The J Man


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