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Chernoff Praises Yeshua on Come Dance With Me

  • Mark Weber Entertainment Writer
  • 2002 13 May
Chernoff Praises Yeshua on <I>Come Dance With Me</I>
Joel Chernoff
Come Dance With Me
Galilee of the Nations/Provident Music

Some of you may not even know there are Messianic Jews -- Jewish people who have accepted Jesus, or Yeshua, as He is known in Hebrew, as their Messiah. Not only are there Messianic Jews, but there's Messianic Jewish music as well. Joel Chernoff is at the forefront of what he calls Messianic Praise & Worship with his new release, Come Dance With Me.

"There's a strong contemporary, pop/rock influence in what I do, but as a boy I had heard a lot of traditional Jewish music -- mostly in minor keys -- from my mother," said Chernoff. "I try to put that Jewish, minor-key feel into contemporary settings."

With over half a million records sold, Chernoff is recognized as one of the world's leading Messianic music makers. He and his group, Lamb, recorded several albums for Myrrh and Sparrow Records. His popular signature song, The Sacrifice Lamb, gets an all-new arrangement on Come Dance With Me.

Chernoff is a solo artist -- of sorts. His teenage daughter, Sharon, shows promise as a vocalist on the radio-friendly Fall on Me. Sharon has an abnormally strong voice (with diva potential) like contemporary Christian music recording artist Natalie Grant. Fall on Me, though not overtly Messianic compared with the rest of the album, definitely has the potential to become popular in churches worldwide with its simple-but-heartfelt plea for the Lord to "fall on me."

As expected for a Messianic artist, there are a few songs that are overtly Jewish in style and lyrical content. Baruch Adonai will get you clapping. And Verse 3 of Come, Dance With Me, uses Hebrew words encouraging you to sing and dance.

There are soft, tender moments on Come Dance With Me, as well as upbeat songs from a man with a very pleasant voice. After just one listen, you can tell Chernoff is passionate about Israel as well as the music he makes for the Lord and believers, Messianic and evangelical alike.