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Everyday Sunday's Best Night Yields Best Work Yet

  • Matt Conner
  • 2009 21 Jul
Everyday Sunday's <i>Best Night</i> Yields Best Work Yet

Artist:  Everyday Sunday
Title:  Best Night of Our Lives
Label:  InPop Records

Energy and maturity meet on fourth go-around …

Two statements are true concerning Everyday Sunday's latest, Best Night of Our Lives. First, the guys are clearly comfortable and settled in their own artistic skin. Second, they're having as much fun as ever. These two facets combine to create ES's best work yet.

The high energy of former releases like Wake Up! Wake Up! is definitely present here on Best Night, so those Relient K and Jimmy Eat World comparisons still hold. Yet there's a cohesion and lack of "look at me" antics that showcase a band with a solid platform. The songwriting, especially on title track "Where I Ended" and "Figure It Out," blends mature themes with tight, appropriate musicianship. And speaking of music, there's plenty to love here.

The frenetic riffs of "Under Your Thumb" immediately catch your attention, while "Lies and Fear Go Hand in Hand" keeps the relentless energy moving through the album's first four tracks. Trey Pearson's vocals remain earnest without going overboard, and he really comes into his own on the slower tracks.

"Where I Ended" sounds a tad like Aaron Sprinkle's band, Fair (especially with the lyrical line, "I was just starting to come unglued"), and even more like Graham Colton. It's the halfway-point ballad that works best on vinyl and serves as the album's anchor—a surefire hit on multiple radio formats. Ultimately, it proves Everyday Sunday handles both the fast and the slow with equal precision and skill.

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**This review first published on July 21, 2009.