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Plus One's Obvious: Strengths Obscured by Questions

  • 2002 11 Feb
Plus One's <I>Obvious</I>: Strengths Obscured by Questions
ALBUM: Obvious
IN A PHRASE: Is Obvious lyrically camouflaged to conceal its purpose?

The first-ever Christian boy band, Plus ONE, returns with their sophomore project, Obvious.

Certain things about this record are obvious. The meaning of the CD’s lyrics is obviously camouflaged, much like the album’s opener implies. It’s not necessarily wrong to be camouflaged if there’s a purpose.

Is there a purpose for the first five tracks to sound almost exactly like the first five of *NSYNC’s Celebrity? Is there a purpose to highlighting the vocals of Nate Cole, who just happens to sound like Justin Timberlake? Is there a purpose for the lack of direct references to God? Maybe there is.

Is the purpose possibly to give the group more chances to minister in mainstream arenas, like their previous tour with Radio Disney?

I’m not sure, but I plan to find out when I talk to the members of Plus ONE in March, during their tour with ZOEgirl, Natalie Grant, and Phat Chance.

However, the questions shouldn't overshadow the many great tracks on Obvious, like the energetic I Don’t Care What It Takes. With a mix of pop and hard rock influences, it proves to be a very successful live track.

The interesting Kick Me deals with subjects of slanderous speech and talking behind your back.

Going Crazy is a unique lyric about the pressures of a life lived under the spotlight, and the grace that God gives to keep us from losing our minds.

The album’s best track, Calling Down An Angel, is produced by one of my all-time favorite producers, Bernie Herms. The gripping song has some of the smoothest vocals I’ve heard in a long time.

The final track, Who Am I, co-penned by Plus ONE member Jason Perry, is perhaps the most worshipful track on the CD.

My final word...

The quest has only begun for me. Plus ONE’s Obvious has brought up a lot of questions. Questions I hope will be answered in the very near future.

Until Next Time...
The J Man