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Rock & Roll Worship Circus: A Great Show

  • 2002 19 May
<I>Rock & Roll Worship Circus</I>: A Great Show
Album: Welcome to the Rock & Roll Worship Circus
Artist: Rock & Roll Worship Circus
In a Phrase: You'll never forget this "Greatest Show on Earth"!
Scheduled Street Date: Aug. 20, 2002

"Is it a new spin on worship or an old one?" That's the question I keep hearing about the new group Rock & Roll Worship Circus. Well, "new" is a relative term.

This band is a bridge across generational barriers. Their music is a part of the modern worship movement enjoyed by today's teens, but their style is reminiscent of the latter-day, Abbey Road influenced Beatles and other mainstream acts of old school rock & roll that baby boomers will recall with pleasant nostalgia.

The old cliché "don't judge a book by its cover" applies to this band. They look like a mix between Deliriou5? and RAZE and sound like the Beatles, but they're hard-core worshipers who want to take their generation to the throne room of God.

The CD kicks off with one of its best offerings. Loving You, a testament to our purpose on this earth, has beats that even the Beatles would have envied. This exceptional track is followed by the fun Party Song, which encourages us to look forward to Jesus' return.

The trite lyric of Blood of Jesus can definitely be passed up for better tracks on this project. For instance, the worship ballad Glorify the Son is a contemplative view of Jesus in His resurrected glory and how we can exemplify His life in our actions and speech.

Come to the Father is an accessible cut that might pop up in church services. Come On and Get Down is a call for all teenagers to grab a guitar and "get down" with the Circus!

Other memorable cuts on the record include Ride, The Undiscovered and Awake.

The first 30,000 copies sold of the CD will contain a 15-minute VCD (video CD) documentary about the Worship Circus. The "movie" is loosely based on the Beatles' A Hard Day's Night.

My final word. . .

Parents, have you had a hard time making the music of your generation come alive for your teens? Then I suggest you buy a copy of Worship Circus, give it a listen, and introduce your kids to a "new" sound. It'll be a step in the right direction.

Until Next Time. . .
The J Man