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Ronnie Freeman: Rocketown's New Piano Man

  • 2002 21 Apr
Ronnie Freeman: Rocketown's New Piano Man
ALBUM: Ronnie Freeman
ARTIST: Ronnie Freeman
IN A PHRASE: Ronnie Freeman joins the ranks of Christian music as a singer/songwriter that has something important to say.

"Michael W. Smith has hand-picked Rocketown Records' next contender for New Artist of the Year." Yes, yes, I know. That's all I've been hearing for the past few months. Since you probably haven't heard the buzz about Rocketown's new child of destiny, I'll introduce you. Meet Ronnie Freeman.

Musically similar to his mentor [Smith], Ronnie's a piano man with pensive, insightful, and inspiring lyrics.

Faith, the first track on his self-titled debut, explores what faith is and how we express it. In Could It Be he wonders whether we're the ones who hold back the blessings God wants to give us.

His first single, The Only Thing, is somewhat trite, but the message is simple and clear -- just like the Gospel. Why complicate it? Freeman lays his cards on the table by plainly proclaiming that the only thing that matters is Jesus.

Freeman told me last month that his song, Satisfied, calmed the nerves of a woman who was terrified of flying, giving her the push that got her on a plane to come to GMA week in Nashville, Tenn. In Ronnie's own words, "If you can top that story, I want to hear it!"

Ronnie's Better Than This could become the next Butterfly Kisses. This song does what Bob Carlisle did years ago; it brings the family home in a four-minute song.

Co-penned with Rocketown favorite Ginny Owens, Don't Give Up on Me is an energetic pop track that encourages the listener to keep offering mercy to those who desperately need it.

The piano-driven Divine Revelation inspires us to depend on God for guidance when trying to reach unbelievers with the truth of the Gospel.

My final word. . .

Don't miss this transparent offering of faith and inspiration. Freeman is someone who's been there, and he invites you to come along for the ride.

Until Next Time. . .
The J Man