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Sadler Headed for Mainstream on Where It Started

  • Andy Argyrakis
  • 2008 20 Oct
Sadler Headed for Mainstream on <i>Where It Started</i>

Artist:  Sarah Sadler
Title:  Where It Started
Label:  Audioluxe

Poised for the modern pop mainstream …

Indie artist Sarah Sadler wants fans of her self-titled debut on Essential Records to realize two main ideas when checking out her current collection. First off, the acoustic pop/folk soundscapes are much more mature and artfully swung than that electronica-laced initial album.

Plus, Where It Started isn’t meant to be an album for the core Christian market, but rather an additional foray into the mainstream following her soundtrack success to Just Married (starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy).

The singer/songwriter generally excels on both fronts, starting with an inviting sound reminiscent of Sixpence None the Richer’s Leigh Nash, New Zealand newcomer Brooke Fraser, and at times, a Detours-era Sheryl Crow. Her vocals are in glorious form on the sunny “Runaway” and the peaceful “Freedom,” while producer Gary Sadler (a famed songwriter in his own right and also Sarah’s father) aptly taps into organic guitar strums and the occasional folk flavoring. Though there could be a bit more variety throughout the 12 tunes (such as a straightforward ballad or at least one intense pop/rocker), all are immediately pleasant and charming.

Sadler shows additional prowess on lyrical planes, starting with the empowering “Get Yourself Together” or her desire to move forward amidst setbacks throughout “Pedaling Backwards.” The 25-year-old also touches on many meaningful issues for the post-college crowd, especially on “Unspoken,” which addresses someone carefully gauging the status of a romantic relationship.

Considering her spiritual perspective permeates these ideas without going into overdrive, Where It Started simultaneously expands the minds of the mainstream masses on a level which they can relate, while giving faith-based listeners something a little left of center but still satisfying to sink their teeth into.


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**This review first published on October 20, 2008.