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Salvador: No Sophomore Slump

  • 2002 27 Apr
Salvador: No Sophomore Slump

ALBUM: Into Motion
ARTIST: Salvador
IN A PHRASE: Into Motion could be one of 2002's best!

There is a proverbial "graveyard" where certain artists' and bands' sophomore projects reside. Don't ask me why, but there's often a slump between a band's first and second projects. However, that's not the case with Salvador's new venture.

Why is this project successful? It might be attributable to touring and playing together almost non-stop since the release of Salvador's debut. Or it might be the band's humble attitude, as expressed by frontman Nic Gonzales: "Hey, we're just a little praise and worship band. God has opened doors for us. This is our ministry. We don't take that lightly." Whichever you pick, only one thing matters: This record rocks!

The Cindy Morgan/Chris Rodriguez penned Breathing Life kicks off the record by bringing forward smooth backing vocals that can sometimes be drowned out by Nic's commanding bravado of a voice.

Reminiscent of their debut's dominant songs, Lord I Come Before You and David Danced are two of the album's most energetic tracks. Already loved by live audiences across the country, City on a Hill and God People are familiar Salvador territory, characterized by Chris Bevins' keyboards and Eliot Torres' unmistakable percussion licks.

Produced and co-written by Peter Kipley, the soulful Can't Keep It In has moments of Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men familiarity. You're probably thinking, "Yeah, right. They're a Latin band." But, it's true. This track is as smooth as butter!

Black Flower, an original written by David Mullen, is "more of a singer/songwriter song than a band song," Gonzales admits.

Largely influenced by their worship background, Worthy showcases more vocals than instrumentation, as cries from the band's heart resound with the desire to be worthy of God's presence.

Final tracks are often overlooked, sometimes for good reason, sometimes not. In this case, if you skip Mighty King of Love and go back to the beginning, you'll miss one of the best jam sessions on the CD.

OK, OK. I could talk about this record all day, so I'll wrap it up and let you make your own judgment.

My final word. . .

Get in your car, rush to the nearest store, and purchase Into Motion. Then run back out to your car, pop it in the player, and jam all the way home to one of the best bands in Christian music.

Until Next Time. . .
The J Man

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