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Scott Krippayne -- All of Me

  • 2001 12 Jul
Scott Krippayne -- <i>All of Me</i>
Scott Krippayne -- All Of Me
Spring Hill Music Group
By Mark Weber

When Scott Krippayne came to Buffalo in concert in 1998, he was opening for Kathy Troccoli. The audience was very impressed with his piano-playing ability. As a talented songwriter, Krippayne has written for Troccoli, as well as Avalon, Point of Grace, Clay Crosse, The Martins, and others in the contemporary Christian market. Meanwhile, he's had a slew of his own hits on Christian radio, including No. 1's like I Wanna Sing, Every Single Tear, and Sometimes He Calms The Storm. On his latest Spring Hill project, All of Me, Krippayne has written catchy pop tunes (yet again) with lyrics that Christians can relate to.

Though the middle-of-the-road ballad What Breaks Your Heart is the first single released to radio off All of Me, it's the unique song "I'm Not Cool" that really stands out and will help Krippayne sell discs. "I'm Not Cool" is a nerd anthem that proclaims in the chorus "I'm not cool/but that's OK/My God loves me anyway." He covers all the things "uncool" people have to deal with: imperfect looks, wearing the wrong clothes, playing the unpopular instrument, driving an old car, not knowing slang, having the wrong hairstyle, not being athletic, and even having a hard-to-spell last name.

"I'll admit that in high school and even as a Christian artist, there have been times I felt like I didn't fit in. Almost everybody goes through that at some point in their life," Krippayne says. "But I've come to realize it would be foolish for me to try to color my hair or dress up in some trendy clothes. That might work for somebody else, but it wouldn't be me. I may not be the cool guy, but that's OK because I know God loves me the way I am."

The other stand-out song on All of Me is May I Have This Dance, a perfect song for fathers and daughters to dance to at weddings. Taking a cue from Bob Carlisle's immensely popular Butterfly Kisses, Krippayne made a song that reflected his love for his young daughter Tobey Elizabeth. "She loves music, and when we have music on she runs to me and wants to dance," he says. "When I wrote May I Have This Dance it was about putting down on paper one of those moments I didn't want to forget. My focus was writing about our relationship and the things I treasure about her and all the beautiful memories we share."

Krippayne says All of Me is all about honesty. "I strive to write honestly about my life. If I can do that, then hopefully that will find its way into somebody else's heart and will make a difference." He may not consider himself cool, but his music certainly is.

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