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Silly Songs From the King of Catholic Comedy

  • 2001 25 Dec
Silly Songs From the King of Catholic Comedy
Nick Alexander
Eternal Life

Some of Nick Alexander's songs are just plain silly. The king of Catholic comedy takes pop songs and parodies them. As the self-proclaimed "Weird Al" of Catholic music, Alexander found some success with his first release, A Time To Laugh, a year ago. Now he's back with more silly songs on Eternal Life: The Party Album.

Life has a distinct '70s/'80s feel. The only recent songs parodied are somewhat lackluster versions of Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away and Barenaked Ladies' Pinch Me. Skip those in favor of other classic hits.

Alexander's high-pitched, "new wave" (slightly whiny/nasal) voice is just right for Nahum, Zephaniah, Malachi, a dead-on parody of Tommy Tutone's original Jenny (867-5309). The rosary is the subject of These Beads, a strange albeit educational version of These Dreams by the Wilson sisters, of the band Heart. Evangelize, a well-written religious parody of Gloria Gaynor's huge 70s hit, I Will Survive, will make you laugh. Therese of Lisieux, a send-up of Eddy Grant's Electric Avenue, will liven up dull Catholic CCD classes. It's a very clever three-minute mini-bio about the legendary saint known as "the little flower."

The highlight of Life is We Want To Stand United, which finds Alexander hitting the church history books and spoofing Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire. If you want to sum up theological history from A.D. 313 to the present, this song covers it: "Baptists form, then they split, Wesleyan makes Methodists, Mormons follow Joseph Smith as a Deity. Whitfield, Edwards, then Finney, A.M.E. from bigotry, JWs, they've introduced a lower-case 'g.' Maria Monk's tale untrue. Darwin's Monkey Trial blues. Azusa Street, Campfire Meet, Preacher Billy Sunday." And that's just one verse in this detailed study of Christianity throughout history. Alexander should win a songwriter's award for We Want To Stand United.

Recently married, and living near New York City, Alexander keeps busy writing parodies and sharing them with appreciative audiences who aren't afraid to laugh. Eternal Life: The Party Album is the kind of disc you'll want to share with friends. If you're in the mood for Catholic parodies (did you even know they existed?), Nick Alexander is your man.