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Wonderfully Made Worth the Wait

  • Sarah E. Smith Entertainment Writer
  • 2001 24 Dec
<I>Wonderfully Made</I> Worth the Wait
From the first song to the closing notes, The Waiting's long-anticipated Wonderfully Made captures the listener with quirky, introspective lyrics and upbeat music. The group spent two-and-a-half years putting this record together, and it's been worth the wait.

The 10 tracks include original songs - many penned by the band members - that celebrate life and hope in typical Waiting style. For example, Diamonds to Dust reflects on the what's important in life: "Just like the treasure in hand that's starting to rust/Even the diamonds turn to dust."

Wonderfully Made is soothing, uplifting and thought-provoking. The songs blend well, with a track-to-track flow that’s pleasing to the ear - no discordant segues or abrupt departures from one style to another.

Standout songs on this outstanding recording include Wonderfully Made, The Rest of the World and A Thousand Years (Is Not Enough). The title track relays the message that everyone is worthy and beautiful in God's eyes: "Through the window comes the warm Atlanta sunshine/And I'm encouraged to think on a different thing/The hand that lit the light that brightens up the skyline/Turned clay into a king/So let the mirror hear me sing/I'm made with my father's hands/I'm made with His breath of life/I'm fearfully, wonderfully made."

In The Rest of the World, the lyrics remind us - in a classic-rock style - that what God wants us to love Him and each other: "Love God with all your heart, your mind and soul/Love others as you would love yourself/And the peace that you find/If you don't mind/You can share with the rest of the world."

Described in the liner notes as "a rock song with worship lyrics," A Thousand Years celebrates the joy Christians have in Christ: "Here I am again I've been here before/Take off my shoes; fall on the floor/I lift my voice/I lift my hands/Here in this moment I understand that/If I take the time to feel Your love/A thousand years is not enough."

All in all, a wonderful recording that's a pleasure to listen to. Let’s hope The Waiting doesn't make fans wait another three years for its next recording.