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13-Year-Old Brings Judges To Tears With Andrea Bocelli's 'Time To Say Goodbye'

13-Year-Old Brings Judges To Tears With Andrea Bocelli's 'Time To Say Goodbye'
  • Published May 06, 2021

Solomia is just 13 years old, and she has seen more sorrow than any of us would ever hope. She has lived much of her life in a civil war in her home country of Ukraine, and her chance to escape is through her music.

When she first opens her mouth to sing on The Voice Kids, she makes a big impression. Two of the judges on the show turned around immediately when they first heard her, and one of the judges even started crying as soon as she saw Solomia singing. Her performance was just that moving! What an incredible voice this young teen has.

The final judge also turned his chair around shortly after, and they were all in disbelief with what they were witnessing. Such a phenomenal audition!

We all experience pain in this life, and it is good to have something to help us cope. For some people, that is music. But something that is greater than that and offers more hope and healing is our faith, our relationship with Jesus.

Those that have a strong faith can get through some of the toughest things in this life. Knowing that God is faithful and will never forsake us is a truth that we can always hold on to. He is our rock and strong foundation, and when we build our lives on Him, nothing can shake us. He is always with us and always for us.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this incredible performance by Solomia today, and we hope that as you go about your day today, you can reflect on the promises and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

Source: Godtube
Credit: The Voice Kids