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'This Uniform's For You' 14-Year-Old Dedicates Song To Military Dad

'This Uniform's For You' 14-Year-Old Dedicates Song To Military Dad
  • Published Aug 25, 2021

“Dad gave me my uniform when I was only four
Before he headed off to go fighting wars.

As tears streamed down my mother’s cheeks,
Dad whispered in my ear ‘Do all the things that I would do if I were here.’”

You may recognize Easton from the viral One Voice Children’s Choir. Today, Easton is sharing his own music with this powerful song. On YouTube, Easton wrote about the story behind ‘This Uniform’s For You.’ “Whenever I ask my Dad why he serves in the military his response has always been, “I Wear This Uniform for You.”…He would remind me that wearing the uniform meant to protect and take care of the ones we love and to act honorably.”

“You’re the man of the house now, son, and I’m leaving it up to you
Take care of your momma for me and your little sister too.

I’m sorry I missed your game and the day that you turned five.
It’s why I wear this uniform, this uniform’s for you.”

As he ended the song, Easton wrote these important words. “Please take a moment to thank those who serve our country and honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.” What a blessing to watch the younger generation thank those who came before and paved our path to freedom.

Credit: Godtube
Source: Easton Shane