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Whales Gather Around Boat When Woman Plays The Violin

Whales Gather Around Boat When Woman Plays The Violin
  • Published Feb 12, 2021

Music is such a huge blessing in so many people’s lives. It has an impact to change moods and uplift the spirit.

Music doesn’t just have this impact on people either. It also greatly affects animals.

There have been several videos posted on social media where animals react to certain songs in a cute way, but few are as moving as this one!

In this classic video that went viral on Youtube, there is a woman named Maesyn on a boat with her violin. The boat is on the Pacific Ocean offshore of Mauii. Several passengers had boarded the boat for an adventure outing to find and view whales.

Little did the passengers know, they were about to witness an incredible sight.

The violinist on board played so beautifully that the whales became engaged in the music and began to draw closer to the boat.

Maesyn is a professional violinist who lives in LA, and she decided to share her talents online with this beautiful interaction between herself and the whales. As Maesyn continued to play, you can see whales start to surface and are attracted toward the boat.

As the video continues you can see the whales they came right up to the boat and floated there, on the water’s surface, so that they could hang out and listen to the music.

People on the boat started to film the interesting phenomenon to be able to share it and document, yet again, another case of just how much animals love music. The video ended up going viral with over a million views, twenty thousand likes, and two thousand comments.

It isn’t known what drew the whales to the surface, whether it was the rhythm of the song, or the frequency. But the whales enjoyed the song so much that they listened and tried to interact with the violinist, Maesyn.

Regardless of what drew the animals in, everyone from that day will never forget the incredible sight.

Credit: Godtube
Source: Maui Now