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5 New TV Shows Christians Should Know About

5 New TV Shows Christians Should Know About

Well, it’s summer again, and for those of us without Netflix this means a long wait until our favorite shows return in the fall. They won’t be returning alone though. Networks have already released several trailers showcasing their upcoming new programs. Among these freshman shows, there are five in particular that Christians should be aware of. Some because they look bad, some because they look good, but all because they’re tied to Christianity in some way.

Here is everything you need to know about five new TV shows coming out this fall.

Angel from Hell (CBS)

What’s It About: Glee’s Jane Lynch stars as a degenerate, foul-mouthed woman who may-or-may not be a guardian angel.

Why Christians Should Care: Aside from the fact that Lynch’s character believes it’s her angelic duty to help her wayward charge “get some”, the show is redefining Angels as “a force in the universe that wants nothing more than for you to be happy”.

See the trailer for Angel from Hell here


Of Kings and Prophets (ABC)

What’s It About: Billed as “a Biblical saga of faith, ambition, and betrayal”, Kings and Prophets is an episodic retelling of the life of David. Beginning with the reign of Saul, the show will chronical David’s rise to fame and his inevitable confrontation with Israel’s first king.

Why Christians Should Care: Kings and Prophets could be good or bad for Christians, depending on how faithful it is to scripture. The story of David is ripe with adventure and lessons about God’s love, but it wouldn’t be the first time pop-culture has played fast-and-loose with the Bible. At the very least, the show deserves our scrutiny.

See the trailer for Kings and Prophets here


The Real O’Neals (ABC)

What’s It About: The O’Neals may look like the ideal Catholic family, but appearances can be deceiving. When the youngest son comes out as gay, the rest of the family decide to stop pretending and start being honest with each other. Thus begins a new chapter in all their lives.

Why Christians Should Care: The Real O’Neals is being produced by Dan Savage, a gay-rights activist whose past comments about the Church have been less than kind, to put it lightly. Throw in some bawdy humor and it’s not surprising the show is already stirring up controversy. The Real O’Neals could have some valuable lessons about grace and transparency, but its unlikely Christians will get past the first episode.

See the trailer for The real O’Neals here


Lucifer (Fox)

What’s It About: Bored with his role as the Lord of Hell, Satan travels to Los Angeles where he passes the time helping the LAPD catch criminals.

Why Christians Should Care: No, this is not a joke, this is a real TV show that will be airing in the fall. If being scripturally bankrupt wasn’t enough, the show’s concept looks about as ridiculous as 30 Rock’s “God Cop”.  

See the trailer for Lucifer here


The Muppets (ABC)

What’s It About: The Muppets are getting their own TV show! Described as contemporary, mockumentary-style comedy, the show will follow everyone’s favorite characters as they pursue their dreams of showbiz.

Why Christians Should Care: With all the questionable shows coming out this fall, it’s nice to see some familiar faces. The Muppet’s can always be counted on to deliver quality entertainment that’s safe for the whole family. Here’s hoping their latest venture is successful.

See the trailer for The Muppets here

What about you? Are there any new shows that intrest you?

*Published 5/19/2015