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True Miracles Rising – Part 4 - God's Love at Work - Week of January 30

True Miracles Rising – Part 4

By Margaret D. Mitchell
Week of January 30, 2022

I have been hearing Jenn Johnson's song, Goodness of God, in my head on repeat. God impressed my heart that He is especially blessing his faithful ones with His goodness—a reward that is "pressed down, shaken together, and running over" (Luke 6:38). 

Then He showed me a close-up vision of a woman effortlessly rafting down a river. The expression on her face revealed her heart of exuberance. Our Lord impressed my heart with “You haven't seen anything yet. Get ready for miracles to surge and carry you along My joy ride of blessings, as I continue to enable you to move into place with them.” 

This is a manifest journey of Romans 15:13 TPT, which says, "Now may God, the fountain of hope, fill you to overflowing with uncontainable joy and perfect peace as you trust in him. And may the power of the Holy Spirit continually surround your life with his super-abundance until you radiate with hope!"

So, from small to big, it's time for our favorite things to come into place as God converges His new order. All those wondrous signs and revelations we've seen for years are beginning to take place right now, one after the other, continuing to flow into immediate increase of major shifts forward. 

Where the enemy tried to encroach little by little to bind us and cause us to feel stuck, know that God has been working little by little over the years to bring us higher and deeper with Him. Little by little may have felt like it wasn't happening fast enough for us, but it was God's way to bring change around us, while He worked deep transformation in us so that we wouldn't feel too overwhelmed as He grew us in His sustaining grace during times of weakness.

It was God's way to develop endurance in us—His faithful patience—for grand destinies that we are now moving more rapidly into. The enemy's little foxes could not stand long-term in the face of God's collective, overcoming and now rapidly overpowering grace in his face. We need only to see with renewed eyes and move according to His loving truth. 

It's time for our minds to catch up with the cumulative results of what God has done over the years. It's time for us to move into the wholeness as He now brings the increments together into fluidity. Momentum is picking up as God's confluent river powers forth through our lives, taking us with it. God has grown us in His love to move more in sync with Him in this newness and not feel swept away by it. 

However, the enemy will be swept away, because there continues to be a rapid, residual purging and cleansing, and a final overtaking in many areas that will occur as this new-level order gains power and velocity to move past incremental into the fullness of God's beautiful blessings. To the enemy, it will feel like a flood. The fear he tried to put on us will be returned to him in greater measure.

This brings me to another element of God's miracles, which involves speaking His straightforward, powerful "truth so others can live in God's reality rather than personal illusion" (Strong's #226, HELPS Word-studies, Num 14:22 KJV). Because only God’s faithful makes it into the Promised Land.

Are you ready for rapids? What's before us won't be hard to navigate. It's a joy ride for God’s lovers as we continue to trust Him and let Him carry us in His power deeper into our destinies. All the pain from those increments of patient growth from years past will be no more as God's new river delivers us into the fullness of His finest abundance. 

You may have notice of late that you're not satisfied with what you've found previously. Former things do not suit you anymore, because you’re no longer settling for less than what you know God has for you now. But as you've sought God and searched for better, God has led you to find your favorite things—things that you have longed for in your soul for years but didn't know when they would be accessible. 

God is revealing that now is the time those things are beginning to be made accessible and come into place for a new establishment of His glory in your life. It's in front of your eyes, and it's better than you thought! More beautiful. Totally doable. Even affordable. Realistic. There is a Holy ease attached to these shifts. They fit within your dream, your vision, even your budget! He is showing you new ways to achieve it—ways you didn't think of yourself. Ways that involve His grace-power.

God has prospered us to be a blessing. He is setting us up to pour out from this river of destiny to bring beauty to others' lives. He has delivered us from such a measure of self-reliance into God-dependence, -trust, and even -enjoyment that He can now flow through our lives in greater ways and measures. 

Now we realize even more that all we had to do was trust God in the growth as He extended invitations to us. In all this miraculous flow, He has honored us. He has delivered us. And He’s not finished. The best is yet to come. Even though we may feel awed right now for what He’s doing, it will get even better. So, hold on and enjoy the ride (Ro 15:13). 

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for making us fearless with You. We could never forget all Your miracles, as we remember all your wonders of old (Psalm 77:11). Give us Your eyes to see what's happening in our lives. Give us deeper, higher, and more expansive vision. Help us in the micro and macro to work with You to see it come to pass. Refresh us! "In your glory and grandeur go forth in victory! Through your faithfulness and meekness, the cause of truth and justice will stand. Awe-inspiring miracles are accomplished by your power, leaving everyone dazed and astonished" (Psalm 45:4 TPT)!

We declare it and call it forth in our lives.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.


Margaret D. Mitchell is the Founder of God's Love at Work, a marketplace outreach purposed to share God's greatest power source - the love of Christ.

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