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Time For A Change – Part 2 - God's Love at Work - Week of July 18

Time For A Change – Part 2  

By Margaret D. Mitchell
Week of July 18, 2021 

God has not only shifted us into new alignments and assignments in this new season, He is now working through us to bring swift change beyond us. He is bringing darkness to light, sweeping out ungodly attitudes and even gatekeepers from positions in business. 

I have witnessed our Lord, who sees it all, weeding gardens and cleaning houses in businesses; while He strengthens and continues to prosper those committed to working His way.  

This is John 10:10 playing out to the point of harvest on both sides, revealing life and lack. 

God is purging evil workers (Phil 3:2). And we are instrumental. 

Giants will fall.  

Jezebels will be thrown down. 

False kings (like Saul) will come to the end of themselves. 

It’s time for the Davids and Esthers and Josephs to ascend in position by God’s prevailing spirit of victory-salvation

Friends, this is jailbreak time, where the light of truth gets laid bare on the table to be dealt with (Acts 5:19-21, 16:26, 16:37). 

1 Corinthians 4:5 TPT says, "…he will bring all that is hidden in darkness to light and unveil every secret motive of everyone’s heart. Then, when the whole truth is known, each will receive praise from God." 

It’s time for greater manifest victory, and God is behind it, in it and on it. So, do your part, and watch the hand of our Lord move mightily through you.  

Get ready to see the greater boldness He instilled in you during past times of consecration to now roar like never before! Be on guard, ready to cross over from lack into provision, to be birthed into more of the manifest value of your identity and inheritance—in multiple areas over time. 

As God’s instrument, the initial provoke that comes to you will be an alert that you are on task and on mission for higher breakthrough. Remember to tread carefully, led by Holy Spirit. As God intervenes through you, you will receive your reward that has been stored up, waiting for you, while those with unyielded hearts will receive what God has stored up for them (Romans 2:5).  

When Holy conviction invites you into a turning point for the better, stand up and speak truth to improve your situations and surroundings (Isa 45:19 TPT). Be the breakthrough instrument God uses for your benefit and that of others.  

Romans 2:6 says, "For: He will give to each one in return for what he has done." Verse 16 says that God will judge "the hidden secrets of people’s hearts. And their response to the gospel…will be the standard of judgment used in that day." 

In other words, God will allow the standard that evildoers set to produce the harvest they chose in their lives. And He is moving swiftly. 

We are in a harvest of the manifest fruit of the heart. Therefore, those who lived by their own standards above God’s will now reap the consequences they chose. While others, who grew higher with our Lord, will reap and enjoy His Holy rewards. 

Both have the opportunity to process their circumstances God’s way. 

For God’s people, it’s time to come out on top!  

God’s appointed time of light has come, and it’s just the beginning. Our Lord revealed to me that we can expect to see even bolder manifestations of big shifts over the next three years. 

We are living out these pivotal moments of truth right now and forward. God is turning situations in our favor as we step up, speak up and do the work in His strength, led by His Spirit.  

So, don’t hold back, and don’t back down. Stand firm, rise, and witness God move on your behalf. Be awed and amazed as you see swift results, which is our new normal.  

He will do it.  

He will break those long-standing strongholds and end our longsuffering. Because it’s time to emerge boldly from the consecration, while remaining deeply rooted in Him as He takes us higher.  

We will emerge stronger in our Lord, empowered as an elevated force to go and do the work before us by His Spirit on new levels.  

We will come to know Him and His blessings even more.  

We will see this freedom extended even throughout our physical bodies. What the enemy tried to hide and work in darkness is now being exposed, uprooted and chains broken, as we receive God’s revealed ways of gracious healing. 

Our secret scriptures to hold onto is Isaiah 45:5-6 TPT, which says, "...I will strengthen you for victory, even though you do not intimately know who I am. Yet through you everyone will know who I really am..." 

"In that day, Lord Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, will be a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty for the remnant of his people. He will be a Spirit of justice for judges to render right decisions. And he will be strength and bravery for those who turn back the battle at the gate" (Isa 28:5-6 TPT). 

So, pray with me if you will… 

Dear Lord,  

Thank You that "in You I find righteousness and strength..." In You, I "will triumph and shine" (Isa 45:24-25 TPT)! You are not a God of chaos, so come and reconcile the pretty prose of 1 Corinthians 13 in our petty mess of today. Lord of our breakthrough, I trust Your spirit to break the chain reactions that have bound me, as I declare victory-salvation over every place in my life (Is 28:21). I thank You for helping me live out the benefits of Isaiah 45:19 TPT, which says, "...speak the truth and declare to you what is right!" Lord, You say in Isaiah 45:23 TPT that in Your "...own name, this word sent from my mouth in righteousness will not return unfulfilled..." So, my expectation is that You will do what You say and deliver Your people accordingly. Help me to get my part right as I partner with You to enter into new places. Thank You for ordering my steps and for rescuing us all for Your glory.  

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.  


Margaret D. Mitchell is the Founder of God's Love at Work, a marketplace outreach purposed to share God's greatest power source - the love of Christ.

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