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God Knows…When I Need Help – Part 2
You might want to memorize the Lord’s Prayer, but you will also want to talk to God in your own words. Sometimes you will want to kneel down when you pray; it helps you realize what a great King God is. But God hears you if you pray at your desk or on the bus or at the kitchen sink. Often you will close your eyes to help keep out other thoughts from your mind. You will fold your hands to keep them out of trouble as you pray. But if you talk to God while you’re delivering papers or setting the table, He will hear you. Any time of day or night you can talk to Him. You will never get a busy signal.
God is your Friend. You can share with Him everything that concerns you. Prayer will become as important to you as breathing. Someone has said, “Prayer is the breath of the soul.”
“What should I pray about?” you may ask. Here are five broad suggestions. You can make them yours by customizing them to your situation.

  1. Thanks (for food? sunshine? health? a good teacher or friend? of promising me _____ in your Word?)
  2. Please (help me learn? give me courage? help me find a lost key? control my tongue?)
  3. I’m sorry/Forgive me (for being cross to Mom? for acting selfishly with brother? for impure thoughts? for lying about something?)
  4. Thinking of others (help Dad with his job? give comfort to a friend whose parents are splitting up? bring spiritual light to a cousin who doesn’t believe in the Bible?)
  5. Thinking of God (how amazing You are? I praise You for_____? I love You because _____?)

If you don’t know what to say in prayer, pray anyway. God knows what you want. He knows what you need. However you talk to Him, He will understand what you mean. Like a kite lifted by the wind, prayer does not bring God down to you but lifts you up to Him. Like a key to a bank vault, prayer lets you have the rich blessings of heaven. But a key is worthless if it is not used. Remember that faith is like a hand reaching up to God? Put the key of prayer into that hand and you will have everything on earth (and heaven) that you need.
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