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Be Sure to Love the Loving - Alternative View - August 4

Be Sure to Love the Loving

Most likely you have one in your family—the extremely loving caring person always looking out for others and helping them in every and any way possible. They usually always have a smile on their faces and will stop what they're doing and help you at the drop of a hat. Everyone always enjoys being in their company and loves the feeling of love and happiness they share with those around them.

We love them. We're inspired by them to be more loving ourselves, but too often we forget to give back to these people the love that they've given to us.

They, of course, would never ask for anything from us, as serving others truly makes them happy, but they need to receive love just as much as they need to give it. Yet too often, we take them for granted, and sadly, sometimes even take advantage of their kindness.

Look around at your friends and family and remember to look out for and love the selfless ones. These selfless individuals mirror the love of God to us; we need to be sure to mirror God's back love to them as well.

Scripture Readings: 1 Corinthians 13

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