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You Were Custom Made - Alternative View - July 13

You Were Custom Made

Scripture Reading: Psalms 139   

There's nothing quite like having a custom-made shirt.  On one shirt that I had custom made - cut especially for me - I even had my initials embroidered on the cuff. When you get something custom-made, it is fitted to your uniqueness, crafted with you in mind, and you are proud of it. 

Now think about this: YOU have been custom-made by Almighty God, and your days were ordained before time into being. When you read Psalm 139:15-16, I want you to pay close attention to how God has placed all the parts of your life in order.  He's got your whole life in His hands.  This means you can stop trying to be somebody else and be satisfied with the unique person God made you to be.

You are custom-made!  When you live in that realization, you will shine brighter than ever.  Walking in God's purpose for you will turn out to be the greatest adventure you've ever jumped into!

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