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How Does Hell Glorify God?- Answers for Church Members - April 21

  • 2020 Apr 21

9 Marks

How does hell glorify God?
Many people think that, if it even exists, hell must reflect some defect in God’s character. Yet as hard as it may be for us to grasp, the reality is just the opposite: hell displays God’s glory.
How does hell glorify God?
It shows that he keeps his word.
It shows his infinite worth, lasting forever.
It demonstrates his power to subdue all who rebel against him.
It shows how unspeakably merciful he is to those who trust him.
It upholds the reality of love by visiting justice against those who reject God, who is love.
It vindicates all who suffered to hear or proclaim the truth of God’s Word.
And it shows the enormity of what Jesus accomplished when he died to save all who would trust him from the hell they deserved. If there were no hell, there would be no need for the cross.
(This material has been adapted from James M. Hamilton, Jr.’s article, “How does Hell Glorify God?”)

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