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Singing a New Song to the Lord - Beloved Women - November 25, 2019

Singing a New Song to the Lord – Beloved Women – November 25, 2019


“I will sing a new song to you, O God; upon a ten-stringed harp, I will play to you.” (Psalm 144:9 ESV)


Although each day only has 24 hours, many people still try to cram so much into each minute of the day. We have so many things to get done, and so many things that try to steal our attention from God. 

What would happen if instead of being busy, we went about our day with a song of praise in our hearts? It would keep us focused throughout our day and it would prepare us for anything that would be thrown at us. 

Praise in our hearts helps us to remain in God, and to keep the 24 hours of our day in His will and perfect plan. Our lives are about praising Him and bringing Him glory. We can only do that when we keep Him at the center of everything that we do. How do we do that? By having a song in our hearts. 


Lord Jesus, put a new song in our heart, mind, soul, and spirit every day. May we praise You in the 24 hours that You give us each day, for You alone are worthy. In Jesus’ Christ Name, I pray, Amen. 


What is holding you back from worshipping God with the 24 hours He graciously gives you each day?


Praise in our hearts helps us to remain in God.


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