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Bible Pathways 05/21/2003

May 21

Read II Chronicles 1 -- 3

In Today's Reading:

Solomon's sacrifices; his dream; his accumulation of chariots and horsemen; Solomon builds the Temple

In front of the Tabernacle at Gibeon, Solomon offered 1,000 burnt offerings on the Bronze Altar. That night God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him what He should give him. (In I Kings 3:5-15, we have more details of this event.) Through this dream, the Lord was revealing to Solomon that his greatest need was to recognize that only God could give him wisdom to rule the nation. Consequently, his first concern was to be obedient to the Word of God.

But, it is very disappointing to see that, following the sacrifices at Gibeon, Solomon began accumulating chariots and horsemen from Egypt. He had even married the daughter of Pharaoh. This marriage assured him a friendly alliance with a powerful nation. Solomon also ignored the Word of God by acquiring an excessive number of wives, and much silver and gold for himself. But his most serious neglect was his indifference toward the fourth commandment to Israel's kings that they must write a copy of this Law and read it daily in order to obey all of it (Deuteronomy 17:18-19).

It makes little difference whether or not we become famous, powerful, or wealthy. But, it is most important for us to recognize that God has first claim on our wisdom and abilities, and on our use of them.

Devotional commentary also refers to: II Chronicles 1:14; 9:25; I Kings 4:26.

Christ Revealed:

By the thousand burnt offerings of Solomon (see II Chronicles 1:6). We can be thankful that the one perfect offering of Christ on the cross fulfilled the need for the continual offerings (see Romans 6:10; Hebrews 10:10-12,14).

Word Studies:

2:2 told out = assigned; hew = to cut stones; 2:7 cunning = skillful; skillto grave = has skill to engrave; 2:14 find out every device = skillful to execute any design; 2:16 flotes = rafts; 3:5 cieled = paneled; 3:10 of image work = fashioned by carving; 3:16 oracle = inner sanctuary.

Prayer Needs:

Staff: Wanda Baker · Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation and Dr. Bob Lemmon, Director · Government Officials: Rep. Tom Feeney (FL) · Country: Chile (15 million) on the southwestern coast of South America · Major language: Spanish · Religious freedom · 63% Roman Catholic; 23% Protestant · Prayer Suggestion: Examine yourself. Has prosperity dulled your willingness to sacrifice for the Lord (see Haggai 1:4)?

Optional Reading: I Corinthians 8

Memory Verse for the Week: Ephesians 6:17

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