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Bible Pathways 05/23/2003

May 23

Read II Chronicles 7 -- 9

In Today's Reading:

Solomon's sacrifices; glory of the Lord; God appears to Solomon; Queen of Sheba visits Solomon; his riches and fame; his death

When Solomon finished praying, fire from heaven consumed the burnt offering, and the glory of the Lord filled the Temple.

After the great dedication, that night, the Lord again appeared to Solomon, telling him that, if there is a drought and the nation is faced with pestilence, if the Lord's people would humble themselves, read His Word, and repent of their sin, He would forgive their sins and restore their prosperity.

Carefully consider the qualifications for God to restore their prosperity First, God is speaking of His people. This implies our need to receive Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives according to His Word. To humble ourselves means, first and foremost, to confess our sin of neglecting His Word, as if we could live by our own good judgment and would not need His advice. To humble ourselves also includes a genuine repentance of sin. God, in mercy, does forgive and cleanse us from all confessed sin.

When God said to seek His face, He meant for us to daily read His Word so that the Holy Spirit can give us understanding of His will. His indwelling Word empowers us to live it. God has warned everyone who ignores His Word that his prayer will be ignored.

We need to consider and ask ourselves: "Will what we seek in prayer bring honor to the Father or merely benefit our self-interest?

As Christians, our great need is to prayerfully read all of His Word with a desire to live to please Him.

Devotional commentary also refers to: I John 1:9; Proverbs 28:9.

Christ Revealed:

Through Solomon's kingdom that was the most glorious in all the world (see II Chronicles 9:1-28). This illustrates Christ's coming kingdom that will be more glorious than all the kingdoms of the world (see Revelation 22:1-5).

Word Studies:

7:11 prosperously effected = successfully accomplished; 8:5 nether = lower; 8:16 perfected = completed; 9:1 prove = test; 9:14 chapmen = merchant traders; 9:15 targets = large shields; 9:18 stays = armrests; 9:24 harness = armor; 9:26 the river = the Euphrates River.

Prayer Needs:

Staff: Bernice Rathbone · Johnny Bryant and the Bible Pathway Radio Broadcasts on WDRP-FM, Williamston NC · Country: Colombia (39 million) in northwestern South America · Major language: Spanish · New government has declared religious freedom · 96% Roman Catholic; 1% Protestant; 1% Indian tribal religions · Prayer Suggestion: Thank the Lord that His people are precious in His sight. And many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day, and shall be My people: and I will dwell in the midst (see Zechariah 2:11).

Optional Reading: I Corinthians 10

Memory Verse for the Week: Ephesians 6:17

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