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Bible Pathways 05/27/2003

May 27

Read II Chronicles 21 -- 24

In Today's Reading:

The reigns of Jehoram, Ahaziah, and Athaliah; prophecy of Elijah; Joash becomes king and repairs the Temple; the nation turns to idolatry

During most of Jehoshaphat's reign, he maintained friendly relations with Ahab, the idol-worshiping king of the northern kingdom. His son's marriage to Ahab's daughter resulted in a heritage of wicked leadership for Judah. Jehoshaphat's life should serve as a warning to those today who say: "I know God said we should not have close relationships with unsaved people, but I don't let them affect me." However, just as it was with Jehoshaphat, though it did not influence him personally, he could not control the way it affected his sons and his grandchildren.

After the death of Jehoshaphat, his son Jehoram took control of the kingdom. He proceeded to destroy all the godly influence of his father's reign. He also killed all his brothers. It is no surprise that he was as wicked as Ahab since his wife was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. Sadly, the kingdom of Judah followed his example.

Although the prophet Elijah lived in the northern kingdom, he sent a letter to the ungodly Jehoram, king of the southern kingdom, and rebuked his evil lifestyle and foretold his illness that would lead to his untimely death.

Godly Jehoshaphat could not have realized the tragic consequences that resulted from his friendship with Ahab and his son's marriage to an unbeliever

Some Christian parents' hearts have been broken as a result of permitting a son or daughter to date an unsaved person who seems so desirable in many other ways. Every Christian young man and woman should recognize why there are strong warnings to remain separate from unbelievers.

Devotional commentary also refers to: II Corinthians 6:17.

Christ Portrayed:

By Jehoiada, the high priest, who faithfully hid and protected Joash (see II Chronicles 23:1-11). Jesus is our High Priest and the world cannot separate us from Him (see Hebrews 5:5-10; Colossians 3:3).

Word Studies:

21:9 compassed him in = surrounded him; 21:19 of sore diseases = in severe suffering; no burning for him = no public fire to honor him; 22:2 daughter = granddaughter; 22:10 seed royal = royal family of the house of David; 23:9 bucklers = small shields; 23:14 Have her forth of the ranges = take her outside under guard; 24:13 in his state = in its original condition; 24:25 in great diseases = intense suffering.

Prayer Needs:

Staff: Dr. John A. Hash (82nd birthday) · J. Gordon Henry [Prayer Seminar] Ministries · Government Officials: Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR) and Sen. Christopher Dodd (CT) · Country: Cote d'Ivoire (16 million) in western Africa · Major languages: French and over 60 native dialects · Religious freedom · 40% animist; 25% Muslim; 10% Roman Catholic; 5% Protestant · Prayer Suggestion: Confess wrongs you have committed to the Lord and to those whom you have hurt; ask for forgiveness (see Matthew 5:23-24).

Optional Reading: I Corinthians 14

Memory Verse for the Week: Psalms 119:9,11

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