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Bible Pathways 06/20/2003

June 20

Read Job 21 -- 24

In Today's Reading:

Job declares that wicked men sometimes prosper; Eliphaz accuses Job of sin; Job's desire to plead his case before God

Few men in biblical history are so highly esteemed by God as Job. God said of him that there is none like him in the world — a righteous man who feared Him and rejected everything evil (Job 1:8). Job's friends continued to assume that all his problems were the result of his secret sins. They assumed that wicked men are miserable and, since Job was exceedingly miserable, he must be very wicked! This points out how easy it is to misjudge others (John 7:21-24).

It is shocking to read how dogmatic Eliphaz could be with his blunt, critical, and cruel condemnation of Job (Job 22:21-23). In striking contrast, God would later reveal how wrong Eliphaz and his two friends were, as well as how right Job was (42:7).

There are still self-righteous, overbearing, opinionated people like Eliphaz who are quick to pass judgment on anyone who doesn't believe as they do or who, in their opinion, through lack of faith experience difficulties or sickness. Job's faith was unshakable because he could truthfully say that he sincerely and faithfully followed the Lord and treasured His Word in his heart (23:11-12). He believed that, since God was faithful to His Word, He also would be faithful to His obedient servant.

We often do not understand fully why we face disappointments, sufferings, or being misunderstood. But, we can believe and trust in God since He always gives His best to the one who desires to do His will.

The devotion of Job should be an inspiration to all of us who are not as concerned about knowing the "reason" for our suffering as with knowing God and His purpose for our lives as we read His Word, the only true source of guidance.

It seemed to Job that God was nowhere to be found. But, regardless of this, Job had the utmost confidence that God knew his heart, and, after his trials and testing, God would find no evil, ulterior purpose in him for he would still be dedicated to the Lord (Job 23:10).

Christ Revealed:

Through Job's faithfulness to God throughout his suffering (Job 23:10-12). Christ's faithfulness to the Father is seen as He prayed for the Father's will to be done (Luke 22:42).

Word Studies:

21:2 consolations = comfort; 21:3 suffer = allow; 21:8 seed = children; 21:10 gendereth = breeds; casteth not = does not miscarry; 21:29 tokens = testimony and experience; 24:5 rising betimes for a prey = seeking diligently for food; 24:21 evil entreateth = cruelly took advantage of.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for Jim Gilley and the Bible Pathway Radio Broadcasts on WMCT-AM, Mountain City, TN · The International Shortwave Radio Broadcast sponsored by Mt. Olivet Christian Church · BPM Staff: Bernice Rathbone · Government Officials: Rep. Phil English (PA), Rep. Van Hilleary (TN), Gov. Linda Lingle (HI), Rep. George Radanovich (CA), and Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) · Country: Ghana (19 million) in western Africa · Major languages: English and African languages · The government permits freedom to churches and missionaries that do not get involved in politics · 31% belief in spirits and witches; 22% Protestant; 17% Muslim; 11% Roman Catholic · Prayer Suggestion: Seek the Lord's teaching; grow and mature in your prayer life (Luke 11:1).

Optional Reading: Ephesians 3

Memory Verse for the Week: II Timothy 3:17

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